The Curly Doodles of Alexandra Stefanel

Alexandra Stefanel is a Romanian visual artist currently living in Iasi, who studied at the University of Arts “George Enescu” and Belle Art at University of Salamaca (Spain). Her illustrations are usually the things you find in every book you read to kids or nephews: a cute little beast near to a Perrault’s fairytale, a bottle-nosed leprechaun near to a story of Andersen. Watercolor and pencil sketches are by far her favorites work techniques. The Romanian artist approaches subjects as children’s literature or TV series fictional characters.


The TV shows inspired characters are realized in this simple and sloppy technique which conserves every face features so well you get over the fact that from far away they look like some curly, sauvage doodles. Game of Thrones and The Borgias are two of the TV shows she picked. Alexandra also extended her views on characters from movies, such as The Hobbit Trilogy or Tarantino’s Django Unchained.

Recently, Alexandra Stefanel opened an art exhibition where she introduced us to one of her latest projects: “The Golden Compass”, a watercolor illustrations series created for the famous novel of Philip Pullman – “Northern Lights”. Some other new projects she’s been working on are the illustrations for this book and an awesome playful 3-minutes watercolor sketches album.

More of Alexandra’s artworks on her Facebook Page.

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