Cultartes x Bad Jubies Apparel: The Story Behind this Photo Shooting

So I guess he did it again and this time we were dead serious involved. Lupu Marius made a special photo shooting featuring Cultartes and Bad Jubies Apparel sweet t-shirts. It’s more like a fashion story starring Melania Spataru and Raula Hutan; a story based and about capturing the essence of a badass friendship and fun. Marius’ work is always full of a strange softness, while his subjects are innocent and full of sensuality. This combination of black and white images and strong contrast creates an overwhelming metaphor for what we call “fuck your standards!“. Marius makes us dive into his universe of freedom.

Marius told us how he ended up doing this series: „Raula is an awesome friend I first knew online, more like I know you guys too; we express through photography. We’ve met for the 2nd time one evening when she came to Bucharest and it was like we knew each other since we were little. I had received the t-shirt you’d send me and before we actually met Raula was out in town to take her Bad Jubies t-shirt, too. We’ve chatted a lot about these, about Cultartes, about how nice and rare people like this do exist and stories alike. A bottle of wine… two already… and we’ve decided to take a photo shooting with this whole t-shirts story. We were back with Melania in my place, my flash’s phone and a bag over it because the flash was too strong (he laughs). There was no room for us to play around but suddenly things were transformed in a comfortable and intimate atmosphere; we laughed pretty hard. My arms were numb.
It was really about us and our energy, about you and about these rare connections that make me feel alive and worth living for. The Bad Jubies Apparel boy is on our film too and we appreciate his project and design. That’s even more important than any technique and more than anything actually.” 

All images: courtesy of Lupu Marius

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