Cultartes supports LADLO: Moonreich – Pillars of Detest (Review)

Les Acteurs De l’Ombre Productions is a French underground Black Metal label. It is a project led by Gerald Milani. A job that can take many faces, from whims to business and the like. I have recently received four albums –we are going to talk about these ones later- that show and demonstrate only professionalism. There is a science of promoting every single detail. Les Acteurs De l’Ombre Productions, words that don’t tell you enough, represents many artists whereof I am going to talk. Namely: The Great Old Ones, Deluge, Maieutiste, Moonreich, Regarde Les Hommes Tomber, Darkenhold, Suhnopfer, Paramnesia, Pensees Nocturnes, Way To End.

There is also a subdivision, Emanations, that works with Aezh Morvarc’h, In Cauda Venenum, Lifestream and Profundae Libidines. But let’s take things in order and see what, when and how.

Moonreich is a project conceived by Weddir in 2008. Is an individual incursion, on black metal realms, a different kind of experience if we consider about the many similar projects. So, from the beginning, we are talking about a different approach for these atmospheric-icy areas. We can rather refer to a tendency towards roots genre, with a specific sound that involves lots of strength and aggressiveness in tone. Adding scenery, you find a dark and oppressive atmosphere, caused by rhythms that seem to slow down and…this is how ”Pillars of Detest” first appears (Pretty much). The road was, so far, devoid of major changes or too many oscillations. Only now, at the end of the road, though, we find a more coherent expression. The song that gives the name’s album, Pillars of Detest-World Shroud”, is a demonstration of force, with some blast beats that can make you head bang. And while we are at ̴headbanging ̴ and other activities alike, I have to mention that Moonreich has lately developed a pretty much intense live activity. Pillars of Detest” is a splendid metal work, with many influences, and made me think about many bands from other genres. You will see! All Born Sick” changes a little bit the direction, and it seems that it was meant to have a certain sensibility. Don’t think it is a ballad or shit! It’s a song with a strong message and touch that catches you somehow. It has a special air, but is still loud and strong. I like Freikorps”, and I would choose this song to end the album, in a note that leaves you with questions and extra dose of thoughts and feelings. I don’t give grades or marks, but Moonreich is a discovery that has put a new landscape in my metal listener horizons.

The album was recorded in January-February of this year, and as a footnote, it has something of coldness and harshness specific of this period. Pillars of Detest” will be released on September 19th, at Les Acteurs de l’ombre Productions.

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