Cultartes Sneaks Into Emma’s Room

Robert Chang is an analog photographer from Hong Kong, currently living in Greece and he loves his girlfriend, Emma.  His newest project is all about the lovely Emma. “This project started accidentally, and I liked it so much I decided to make a project and later a book about it. Emma is my muse. I shoot her almost every day in the room.”

In another train of thoughts he admits that he “always been interested in visual arts. I shoot analogue, mainly disposable cameras and like developing film in my bathroom.” Well, these two passions led him into his girlfriend room. What’s going on in there? Robert invites us to glimpse into his personal life as a means to portray a modern-day relationship.

“These are portraits that I took of my girlfriend Emma.We were watching a movie one night but it was very boring so we stopped. It was then when I said, “I will take pictures of you instead!” There are many cameras in the room, because Emma is a photographer too, so I just grabbed one and I took a few pictures with it. After that I thought I would continue shooting in this room and make a project out of it.”

“I take pictures because I like to capture beautiful things and moments or to create an idea of beauty as it is in my head.”


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