Cultartes Presents: “Unsean” by Excellion

Excellion is a band founded in 2007 in La Pax (Mexico) and it represents a combination of progressive-rock, djent, math, and other technical sub-genres. I personally am not a huge fan of this progressive-rock music, but these guys have an interesting style of approach, that involves more rhythm or rather more breaks of rhythm that keep you in some kind of suspense.

“Unsean” wants to be a complex material, with a series of broken influences from here and there; we can feel the air and the sound of other already known artists (from Gojira to Satriani and pg.Lost), but with no accurate vision. I feel how this material tears apart, not sure if at the beginning or along the way, but something doesn’t bind so properly. The “squeaky” voice leaves me the impression that something went wrong when recording and it actually bothers me from time to time. And that whether I’m referring to the naive growl or the clean voice. It feels a lot of work behind this album, but it’s a sisyphus work, which doesn’t offer naturalness to the material. A music that was wanted, I think and I feel, for the American public, because you can sense the mainstream perfume with an artificial feeling. As a conclusin so far, “Unsean” is far from an honest album and maybe too synthetic as a mood. There exists capacity and possibilities for more,but if those in charge of this project only want to spot success, then they should rely on patience more than anything else. “Unsean” wants to be the fireworks in a sky with no minor glitters.

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