Cultartes Presents: “Unity” by Skyforest

“Unity” is the second material of Skyforest, one I have recently heard of and caught my attention in so many ways, that made me tell you about it. First of all this music attracts you trough its warm and melancholic atmosphere, easily digestible. Then you listen leisurely and realize there is a thick bundle of influences, from different musical genres. For instance, there are some vocal inserts and some guitars on “A graceful spirit”, the opening track, which made you think about neo-folk with metal accents. Basically, you come across some very well developed and elegant musical combinations. And this unit we found in the title, it’s well exposed in the compositions’ essence.

There is so much feeling behind the instrumentals, given the fact we’re talking about a lot of keyboards, whistles and too few guitars (the harsh ones). Whatever, this is what atmospheric black metal actually means, less nerve, more dreaming. And there is a huge amount of dreaming, but also a variety of creative intelligence. It’s the kind of album the draws you from its first listen, especially if you’re a music enthusiast who goes to lands full of elves and whatever lands. There are seven tracks, which to me, is another proof of intelligence, because these are more than enough songs and in the end you really feel complete. Or more precisely, the dream comes true.

We have a one-man project based in Russia, B.M is both the mind and soul that lies behind Skyforest. B.M deals, so to speak, with Blurry Lights too. And now I’ve said why is more easily to realize where all this painted landscape with shades of post-rock comes from.

For “Unity” B.M worked with:
Michael Rumple (Súl ad Astral, Forestfather) – clean vocals on all songs, except ‘A Graceful Spirit’ and ‘Fading Glow’
Robert Bekić (Synkretismos Mutare) – tin-whistle on ‘Autumnal Embrace’

The artwork was made by Sergey Shenderovsky.

“Unity” was released on April 20.

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