Cultartes presents “Mathilde and the other girls” by Magdalena Franczuk.

Well, what do we have here?! That is the question. A girl named Mathilde, in the first place. And some other girls. In fact, this is a sort of a book, but with some kind of story that is told to us in pictures. Mathilde represents the look of a curious young girl who tries to learn more about herself, to say so. For that, she needs other girls help, searching for intimate and private touch. 

When I was a little child, my first contact with books was even before I knew how to read. I was just looking for pictures. If I would discover this sort of book, probably my childhood would have been way too kinky. Or, let’s say, I would have been a Casanova, being familiar with the intimate secrets of young ladies. 

Magdalena Franczuk, the author of this series, is inspired by old paintings, antique books and fairytales. For many of her works, visit

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