Cultartes presents Luna Tabulatorum by Rithika Merchant.

Using painting as a means of telling stories which are inspired by experiences from her childhood, Rithika Merchant explores themes of personification and anthropomorphism, where animals embody human attributes; be it in bodily form, or the environment they are placed in.

“My paintings depict scenes from my own internal, personal folklore. They are filled with creatures from my imagination, who come together to represent my beliefs and ideology.”

Luna Tabulatorum is a series of paintings with a sort of esoteric scenes that express the enigmatic and transient nature of the moon.

“The moon and the sun are the foundations on which many of the world’s ancient religions have been founded. […] The monthly cycle of the moon has also been linked to the menstrual cycle by many cultures. There are links between the words for menstruation and moon in many languages. I see the moon as a meaningful universal object that links humanity by its importance, its presence, and its significance. Being particularly interested in creating links between cultures, the moon has been a very enlightening muse.”

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