Cultartes Presents: “Colosseus” by Methadone Skies

We wrote about Methadone Skies in many other different occasions. It represents a nice root well caught in the structures of this Psychedelic/Stoner Rock genre. What’s really interesting at these guys is that the surprise element is always ” the present”. You never know what’s next, what influences you will discover, what riffs, what pasages, what feelings…

They first drew attention with “Eclectic Electric” and they will even do it better with this new material; if not so we are dumb as fuck. So, we have a better tied album as the previous one, more energic, not so hermetic, but with an imposing perfume. I love the rythms breaks because they make you go through different feelings, from a light state of meditation into a new one where you start keeping the rhytm by foot and move your head without realizing it. There are shoegaze elements here and there, intertwined with tact and without any namby-pamby exaggeration. “The Elemental” is the first song that literally screw my brains out, and here I’m referring to the good meaning of it. This song has some moments that leaves you blocked on the repeat button. And only then I understood why “Colosseus” is a five songs album. “Ruse” is an interlude of maximum inspiration… So it follows eleven take or give minutes from my second episode of stormbraining. “Colosseus” is a colossal monument, if I may speak so. I was thinking that many bands wait for years and finally hatch an album, which still lacks of any trace of fantasy, of any essence, of anything… and then you’re thinking and meditating about these boys, the Methadone Skies ones, and you see how much inspiration lies in their project. How many projects are like this and what the musical industry actually means when you’re somehow pushed to listen to past bands, and where you should look for strong essences. What do I mean? It’s sad that these kind of acts of artistry and inspiration, producing elements of modern art and moods, MOODS and EMOTIONS my friend, might disappear because there is no room for everybody. Okay. The material ends with “Master of Convulsions” and I am about here too… that’s the proof when an album totally gets into you, like a captivating story, it travels you wherever it wants. Cheers!

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