Cultartes Picks #Inktober 2017’s Romanian Illustrators

Inktober 2017 is almost over, and we’ve decided to take a quick look at what Romanian illustrators and ink passionate artists managed to come up with this year.

While most of the #Inktober wannabe’s gave up after the first sketch (long live procrastination!), there are few who succeeded to stick to it till the very end. This article is for them.

Ioana Harasim

Mixing abstract and meaningful concepts, HARA is one of the most consistent illustrators when it comes to taking Inktober challenge. Find her on Facebook and Behance. We previously featured her art on Cultartes Mag.

Adrian Iorga

With a background heavily worked out on brand design, his sketches could easily be the next logo for any company out there. Kudos for the catchy self-explanatory drawings! More on his Website and Facebook. Previously featured on Cultartes

Gloria Sanduta

If Tim Burton and Charles Perrault could somehow have a kid, it would look like one of Gloria’s illustrations. I would say that these are not Inktober sketches, but complex, black and white fairy tale illustrations. See more here.

Gabi Toma

Cats and cats, and fish, and cats again. By putting together a contrast of yellow and black, these October-scented drawings look both surreal and festive. Find more on Facebook.

Ioana Luiza

The Romanian illustrator decided to put together a series of drawings based on local popular sayings, such as “the elderly chicken makes great soup” or “if you don’t have any elders, get some”. Check them here.

Alexandra Tatu

While she uses her own name for her #inktober sketches, aka inkdoodletober, Alexandra creates simple,  joyful illustrations suitable for kids books. Check more of her work here. Recommended by Cultartes here.

Florentina Surel

She obviously likes to experiment, while deep-diving in the dark-side of sketching. Her latest artworks for #inktober follow the same pattern, only in a more simplistic manner. Find more on her page.

Bogdan Lupescu

For him #inktober is not about coming up everyday with a new drawing, but adding a new detail everyday to the same sketch, until it’s finally perfect. Check it out here.

Doriana Popa

Ravenous, dynamic illustrations of Doriana Popa are probably one of the best. She comes everyday with a new drawing and the results are mind-blowing. She’s most likely sleeping with the pen under the pillow. More on Artfinder.


Don’t be sad if your name didn’t show up. We’re not God! Simply submit your #Inktober artworks until 31st October if you wanna be on the list.

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