Cultartes Features: The Electro Sacred ‘Ragas’ of Reiner Heidorn

What do electro-music and ragas (indian classic songs) have in common? Everything, apparently. Or at least, that’s what Germany-based multi-talented artist Reiner Heidorn believes. 

Reiner describes himself as “a classically trained sitar player in hindustanic music”, a feature exploited only to give a real form to the most dreamful states of mind while slowly inducing an imaginary levitation. He’s also the lead of Ragamatic, an electro india-classic musical duo with a complex mixture of vibrant sounds and oriental mysticism. In other words, Ragamatic’s music is what would happen if a group of swāmi (hindu monks) would discover a synthesiser in one of their sacred forests.


After listening some of his tracks, I discovered a mono dimensional world, where the sitar (musician’s favorite instrument) is annihilating all the others. The Ancient elements of nature (fire, water, air, earth) blend into one single element: the sound. The nature powerful symbolism of Ragamatic’s music is only completed by the latin origins of each track’s title: “Vibrare”, “Crepitus”, “Providere”, “Tempestus” and so on. “Crepitus”, for instance, means “Crack” and “Tempestus”, well, that’s pretty obvious.

Not only that he gives a real title, a strict definition for the feeling that a certain song might inspire the listener, but he also avoids to focus on a single ancient influence. That’s why the best word that could define all of Heidorn’s artistic activity would be “compost” – the alchemic word for “composition” or “mixture”.

The first Ragamatic album will be released soon at ACRE Recordings (Scotish label). Listen more of his songs here:

The same “mixture” can be spotted in Reiner Heidorn’s sort of unexpected paintings. As he states, his visual artworks are the result of combining “German experssionism with Asian Manga style”. That’s pretty hard to imagine, am I right? He turns it real, though. Here’re some of his newest paintings:

(c) Reiner Heidorn
(c) Reiner Heidorn
(c) Reiner Heidorn
(c) Reiner Heidorn
(c) Reiner Heidorn
(c) Reiner Heidorn

Follow Reiner Heidorn on Facebook, Soundcloud, YouTube and Bandcamp for more information and artworks.

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