Cultartes Features: ‘Be Whole’, New Release From Sound Awakener

Cultartes Magazine features ‘Be Whole’, the new EP release of Hanoi-based musician and experimentalist Nhung Nguyen (aka Sound Awakener), and the 2nd one available on Bandcamp page (after September Traveler, released in February 2015).

’Be Whole’ is a 3 chapters journey through the electrical subconscious of the musician. Each chapter lasts more the 10 minutes and it illustrates a progressive, transcedental wave of powerful thoughts and emotions. The fresh, out-of-this-world noisy EP smacks the listeners’ internal ear in a violent, yet captivating manner, at the limit between music and binaural beating. With this release, the artist rediscover her music’s purpose: to connect nature and technology.

Sound Awakener is a musical solo project created in 2011. The music can be defined as a combination between electro-experimental, noise and ambient, with strong sound-art influences. She admits that most of it is random and she doesn’t really wants to categorize it.

She says: “I’ve mainly worked with laptop and sometimes instruments/daily object. I record, design and manipulate everything by myself, from field recordings, tape sounds to generative sounds. […] I personally don’t care about (categorizing) it. Instead, I only focus on creating an endless sonic world, where the connection between music, awareness, nature and technology appears”.

The Sound Awakener’s “sonic world” she talks about consists in five unique releases you can find on Bandcamp.

More of Sound Awakener: FacebookTwitter, Soundcloud, Website

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