Cristóbal Escanilla: From Chile With Love

Cristóbal Escanilla is a professional photographer and videographer from Santiago de Chile. He sure knows how to use lightning and setting to add a pure, nostalgic style to his photography. Cristóbal’s photography has been featured in numerous publications and websites, including Softskin FanzineElectru, Shooting Film and The Quiet Front.

Sensuality is “something” that moves sensations. Personally I let myself go by it, especially if you have pure, subtle and romantic characters. (Source)

Usually these images aim to reflect compositions of the body, which would be the main objective of the scene, and then he fills with textures, shapes and tones the final frame. The artist also enjoys creating stunning short videos, and you can check these out here.  I find his photography truly inspirational, making me want to pick up my camera and go for a long walk!

He doesn’t have that much to say about his country, as it seems there aren’t many exhibition points to show some artistic visual works, but he always finds some inspiration to represent his desire of a pure beauty.

The normal concept of simple and pure beauty is reflected more in women than in men. I like women, I am passionate about them; I cannot say the same about men.

All images: (c) Cristóbal Escanilla Severino

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