Clothe Me With The Nakedness of Your Shadow. Julie Munier


You can dress my existence, with the nakedness of your shadow, my dear! This phrase it came in my semi-poetic mind when I saw the Julie’s photo-journal, if I can call it that way. Shapes. Everything moves around shapes. The human shapes and their eroticism, to be more accurate. 

Julie Munier is a very in love Frenchwomen, like most of French people. But she’s in love with every shape of life from this world, her world. Eternal amazed in this search of life, she tries to capture the Grace from every moment she touches. As my friend from youth Baudelaire, would say: “Time to get drunk!/Don’t be martyred slaves of Time,/Get drunk!/Stay drunk!/On wine, virtue, poetry, whatever!” As long as lengthy introductions are for suckers, let’s get drunk with a drop of fine nudity and amorous shapes.

“Listen, Sir, I have something to say to you…”
I transferred the rest to her breast
in a kiss which made her laugh
with a kind laugh that was willing… (Arthur Rimbaud) 

You can find Julie’s works on her facebook page or website.


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