Chillin’ Down With the Light of Melancholy. “The Circle” by Heretoir

Should I have an opinion on this?! There is some responsibility behind every review. It’s not a complicated job, the one you’re trying to write some stuff about did all the hard work. I never flirted with the idea of myself being a music connoisseur; I enjoy music, it’s true, but it’s quite difficult to have an opinion in detail about an album. The most I can do is to actually feel something. Well, I ‘ll talk more about the feeling this material gave me, and not about techniques. I think no one knows these technical details very well, it’s just about the picky subjectivity that define us. 

“The Circle” is a dream passing through several situations. You’ll be stuck in this dream, you’ll thrill here and there; as in any dream the emotion changes as well as the music rhythm. This music emits a kind of serenity in order to place you in a spring-like melancholy. Don’t get me wrong, this melancholy has so much light and life that seems like a totally different feeling. It’s exactly the light or the way out expressed in the art-cover. On this note, when the photo cover was made public I felt somehow uncomfortable. By the way, the cover was created by the french artist Fursy Teyssier (Les Discrets). Then the first official video for “The White” showed up. Another question mark at its time. You get to understand metaphors only after they unfold their true meaning. “Golden Dust” comes to reinforce this thought. It’s strange to find so much light when Heretoir historical background presents darkness. “The Circle” feels like a breath of air; it’s a kind of fresh air cure that comes after a period of breathing in a Universe with murky waters. It’s an exit from nature. Imagine, in fact, a walk out in the human nature, where there is nothing but light. “Laniakea Dances” (The Laniakea Supercluster, is the galaxy supercluster that is home to the Milky Way and approximately 100,000 other nearby galaxies) features Neige on vocals and it’s like an explosion of fluorescent states that shake and sooth like a sensitive spirit in a rough and meaningless world. A transposition of this universal plan to man; the one who gives birth to this Universe and about within lies an infinity of constellations.

I tried to keep a course in my thoughts and I hope I haven’t drifted too much imagination. It’s just my way of looking at any composition that adds light in my heart and mind. 

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