Chilean Artist Celeste Ortiz Depicts Nature, Human Body in Bohemian Photographs

Celeste Ortiz is a photographer from San Antonio (Chile) who focuses on the unspeakable power of self-portraiture and outdoor photography.

According to her self-description, the artist has quite a record. She has participated on group shows in Chile, UK, Spain, Poland, USA, Mexico, Romania and Indonesia. She also had a solo exhibitions in Valparaiso (Chile) in 2014 and a year before that Celeste was included on the “2nd Anthology of Young Photography Fotoespacio Chile 2012-2013”.




Her conceptual well-shaped artworks generally describe in a continuous pursuit for simplicity, the gentle, and yet empowering communion with nature and the inner-self. Celeste’s bias for polaroids and analog photography place her among those artists who embrace the impermanency of a moment and  their own flaws while turning them into real strengths.




The imperfection of the human body becomes a statement of anatomical beauty. Unsolicited nudity becomes an unerotic act of freedom. The Latin American background helps developing in her photography (“Alen”, for instance) a bohemian atmosphere, similar to the hippie wild and libertine America’s ’60 decade. Which traces a line in Celeste’s entire artistic activity: libertine on the outside, mildly prudish on the inside (see her self-portraits series).




Among her projects we can spot fanzines –  “Manzana” (2014), “First Contact” (2014), “Untitled” (2015) – and handmade photo-books, such as this one, called “Map to Hide”:

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