When Forest Whispers Black Metal Suites. Interview with Winterherz (Waldgeflüster)

First started in 2005, as a gesture of Winterherz‘ inspiration, Waldgeflüster, moves from a solo concept to a full and a more complicated one. Thus in 2014 there join Arvagr, Thomas Birkmaier, Dominik Frank and Markus Frey. With Herbstklagen (2009), the first full-length, the whole idea of this musical project emerged.  To be mentioned that […]

When Music is a Business of Beauty. Interview with Francesco Berta.

Francesco Berta is a music composer and visual artist from Italy and currently living in London. His works features an intuitive, organic and visual approach to the composition and recording, involving acoustic and electric instruments, soundscapes anda minimal use of electronics. Francesco’s music, defined by listeners and reviewers “vivid, extremely detailed and cinematic” have been […]

Normotone – Hiraeth (CD UPR 028). Or About the Hornification of Your Senses.

So, I was looking for something different to listen to. I felt a metal saturation lately. No problem, I will get back as soon as I will taste something with strong flavours. Meanwhile, I discovered a project that combines electronic music with industrial and cold-wave with folk in a style that aroused my sympathy and […]

Metalul tatuat în sânge. Interviu cu Djeeckx (Indian Fall)

Baldo, Cultartes: Salut! Cu o existență de aproape 20 de ani, Indian Fall reprezintă deja un nume important al scenei metal de la noi. Cum îți sună ideea acesta că, prin pasiune, poți scrie un fel de istorie? Djeeckx, Indian Fall: Salut! E drept că Indian Fall are o vechime în scena metal din România, dar nu […]

Sisters of… – The Serpent, the Angel, the Adversary (Review)

Sisters of… three guys who combine style that were combined before, which gave birth to kinship between genres and so on. Nothing new! Do you say so? Well, I still play it on repeat. And it binds better. Ah, that’s the thing here. Everything is well connected. It also creates a specific mood. There are […]

This is what we deserve. Interview with Jan Platek (We Deserve This)

Baldo, Cultartes: Hello! Can you tell us when it appeared or what was the first impulse that made you start this project? Jan Platek: I`m making music for almost 25 years now. I started as a drummer and I played in different bands. When you play the drums, you are not really involved in the […]

Sunset in the 12th house – Mozaic (Review)

“Mozaic”. Titlul acesta de album cred că exprimă cel mai bine esența sa muzicală, dar și a creatorilor săi. Avem parte de un ansamblu instrumental alcătuit din frânturi de imaginație muzicală strânse în tolba timpului. Puse cap la cap, încadrate într-un peisaj, surprinse într-o formă, în această formă, dau ființare unui material împlinit, ce stârnește […]

Nocturnal Depression – Spleen Black Metal (Review)

Îmi place mult titlul albumului, acest “spleen” oferă un aer ușor poetic, simbolist baudelaire-ian, dacă vreți. Este și ceva poezie pe aici. Sound-ul, cumva mai împins spre melodic, propus de francezi – uite un alt argument care să susțină afirmația de mai sus – oferă o notă de lirism pieselor. Într-adevăr, black-metalul, cum am mai […]