Sisters of… – The Serpent, the Angel, the Adversary (Review)

Sisters of… three guys who combine style that were combined before, which gave birth to kinship between genres and so on. Nothing new! Do you say so? Well, I still play it on repeat. And it binds better. Ah, that’s the thing here. Everything is well connected. It also creates a specific mood. There are […]

Sunset in the 12th house – Mozaic (Review)

“Mozaic”. Titlul acesta de album cred că exprimă cel mai bine esența sa muzicală, dar și a creatorilor săi. Avem parte de un ansamblu instrumental alcătuit din frânturi de imaginație muzicală strânse în tolba timpului. Puse cap la cap, încadrate într-un peisaj, surprinse într-o formă, în această formă, dau ființare unui material împlinit, ce stârnește […]

Nocturnal Depression – Spleen Black Metal (Review)

Îmi place mult titlul albumului, acest “spleen” oferă un aer ușor poetic, simbolist baudelaire-ian, dacă vreți. Este și ceva poezie pe aici. Sound-ul, cumva mai împins spre melodic, propus de francezi – uite un alt argument care să susțină afirmația de mai sus – oferă o notă de lirism pieselor. Într-adevăr, black-metalul, cum am mai […]

Leprous – The Congregation (Review)

There are many things to be said about Leprous, things that have been said over and over again (not to be mention at the time) but have the same substrate, the same mastery. On this material Einar Solberg’s voice reminds me in some places of Matt Bellamy (Muse), which makes it even more interesting, I […]

A Forest Of Stars – “Beware the Sword You Cannot See”

The Literature Behind Music, Pt. 1. The Review. I see this album played in a quite special tournament, in all the important castles of the Old Continent; on seedy, tiny and woody scenes, in some amphitheatres. Where the harlequins strangely dance and the ladies dress some robes of state, slightly dusty. You feel, suddenly, how […]

Go! Save The Hostages! – A Cloud Passing Over Cairo (Review)

Released on January 25th, this album, once you discover it, absorbs you as you don’t expect. I mean you will like it more than you think, especially since the band’s name is not renowned. For now! The boys are from Cairo and exactly this can tell us that post-rock is already a culture beyond any […]

Negură Bunget – “TĂU” or The Detachment Album

TĂU. The name of this album, among other aspects, is highly related to the settlement of the same name, of a virginal and absolutely stunning beauty, located somewhere in Alba County (Romania). Negură Bunget has always formed a blend of nature, spirit and traditions. They worked free of the abstract plan and preferred to establish […]

“The Schorem Haarsnijder En Barbier” Makes Me Want to Be a Boy

Haven’t you heard the news? How so? Okay, I’m sorry about this introduction, I thought it would be somehow funny, but I bet no one laughed!  Things are quite simple. I have never been to this place, to this authentic barber shop, for one simple good reason: “no women allowed”. I could sneak, but is […]

Methadone Skies – Eclectic Electric (Review)

I really like everything about what we face here. It’s a project that abounds personality. From the band’s name, to the album and to the framed music in 5 parts, one more complete than another with a cool air, but in the most attractive way, that arouses envy. It is a material that once you […]

Readie – How to Borrow Books Online? A quick tutorial for trolls

Readie is a Iasi-based online initiative whose main purpose is to encourge reading by socializing. Basically, it’s a website which enables books-exchange between people. More about that and how to use the platform, in the quick 101 tutorial below. So you don’t have any books, we get it. That makes you a troll, but anyway! […]

(Book Review) “Hunting and Gathering”, Anna Gavalda

The title suggests from the start what the novel’s about. It is that typical love story, with a “he” and a “she” who have nothing in common and who hate each other at first, but who are eventually growing to like and falling in love with each other. Camille, an anorexic talented painter, had a […]

Your next favourite graphic novel: “Transmetropolitan”

Mmmkey, long time no see, huh? I am on a “reading-spree” this week. Chasing after good books, I turned to “connoisseurs”. So I picked through the virtual shelves of DCM and found at least 20 interesting titles, about which I’ll probably start writing soon. Among them, the “Transmetropolitan” series. “No way, man!”, I said, when […]

Harry Potter became an old wife issued Auror

Sau cel puțin așa își imaginează autoarea cărților că o duce în prezent vrăjitorul generației noastre. J. K. Rowling a publicat astăzi pe site-ul o nouă povestire care are ca protagoniști personajele din franciza „Harry Potter”, acum ajunse la peste 33 de ani. Povestirea este scrisă din perspectiva Ritei Skeeter, reporter Daily Prophet (tot personaj […]