Each photo of Alexa Chira is Emanating a Sense of Isolation

It’s been a long time since Alexa Chira haven’t posted any photos on her Facebook page. But that didn’t stopped us to show you her work. Her photography is a combination of a dreamy, extreme, refined and delicate world. She pretty sums up it all. At first appearance, a garish glamour frame her series, but […]

Ilinca Straton: “I Capture One Moment Which Tells Me a Story From Every New Place I See.”

I stumbled across the impressive work of Ilinca Straton after Dark Bombastic Evening; she is a self-taught photographer based in Cluj who uses her camera to say things that words cannot. Ilinca experiments with textures, colors, space, and the solitary figure to produce photos that are unique, a style that is all her own. Hello, Ilinca! First thing off, […]

Camelia Baican: I’m Passionate About the Occult and Spirituality

Camelia Baican is a young photographer living in Vălenii de Munte. We were so impressed by her dark, intense photography with a nice touch of spirituality. Her work has a way of transporting you to another time, another place, even another world. Is it fictional or real? Well, the possibilities are endless. Find out more […]

IEEB7 Istorii Fabricate. “Adevăr și ficțiune în istoria recentă”

Asociația Experimental Project anunță deschiderea celei de-a 7-a ediții a Bienalei Internaționale de Gravură Experimentală (IEEB). Deschiderea va avea loc marți, 25 octombrie 2016 la Victoria Art Center (Calea Victoriei 12C, București) începând cu orele 19.00 Expoziția va fi deschisă în perioada  25 octombrie – 25 noiembrie 2016. Artiști: Ana Adamović, Ana Hoffner, Cătălin Burcea, […]

Dana Tole: Varya is My Alter-Ego (Exclusive Interview and Photos)

We stumbled across the impressive work of portrait photographer Dana Tole the other day and have been scrolling ever since. Her photos are mysterious, beautifully processed and break the ordinary portrait mold in so many outstanding ways. Howdy, Dana! Tell us about yourself, when did you first started to shoot? How is your artistic style? […]

Let Faunlet’s New “Grey Magic” Video Grow in Your Head

Faunlet is a young Romanian post/alternative/darkgaze band formed in Bucharest. It’s actually a new and pretty interesting concept to me. I haven’t heard of Peter’s project till recently when he kindly contacted us in order to watch his video. What I liked the most was the gloomy, intense and powerful voice. It slowly makes you […]

Help This Artist Finish His Underground Poetic Porn Trilogy

Brief: In 2008, Romanian writer, performer and director Paul (Andrei) Stefanescu launched Qualiafilm under the name of which he would release later on his photo, video and performances projects. In 2012, he wrote and directed the motion-picture “Sleep Awake”. I’ve virtually met the guy (self-calling himself Tony Red at that time) in the autumn of 2014, […]

“Voyeurography & Magical Realism”: New Pictorial by Suzana Pleșca

By definition, the oxymoronic expression of magical realism “tells its stories from the perspective of people who live in our world and experience a different reality from the one we call objective”. This, along with the nice wordplay of voyeurography are the signs that predict the idea of the following pictorial. For this new photoshoot, the kinky-visioned, […]

Crina Prida is Thirsting for Balance, Thirsting for Life

I was fooling around on Pinterest, always looking for some cool clothes and fashion style. This time was different. I searched for Romanian photographers and there she was. The mysterious Crina Prida. Living in Cluj-Napoca, she adds some of this city majesty into her photos. Her mostly black and white photos are full of intensity, […]

Negură Bunget, “ZI”. About The Man Returned To Nature (Review)

“Pământule larg, fii trunchiul meu, fii pieptul acestei năprasnice inimi, prefă-te-n lăcaşul furtunilor cari mă strivesc, fii amfora eului meu îndărătnic!” L. Blaga In the Romanian culture, the human connection with nature was always a primordial element, we have connected with these natural elements in times of need and we have returned to it like […]

‘Detox + Market 5’: Voguish, Share-Wardrobe Fair in Bucharest

People are invited on September 17th, 2016 at Detox + Market 5, a one-day vintage fashion-fest where everybody can witness the chic, stylish atmosphere of a world where originality is the currency of choice. Where? In A3 bar (Arthur Verona, 3, Bucharest). Carina Călin, organizer, tells us: “This is the project’s 5th edition, and we come […]

Georgiana Gîrboan: With Color Gone, It’s Purely About The Human Being

Bucharest-based artist, Georgiana Gîrboan is a budding psychotherapist, with a master’s degree in psychology in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. Her love for both photography and psychology is best connected with the emotions and the feelings we live while seeing her images. The human being is brought to life in her dinamic, mostly black and white photographs, creating […]

New ‘Kinky-Erotic’ Photos From Artist Suzana Pleșca (II)

Well, I guess no coffee today, since I’m already up due to this new series of gorgeous and generous pictures. The new shots of Suzana Pleșca, one of Cultartes’ most welcomed artists features now beautiful Kitty Rea and a bed where she can curl and purr in all her splendor. While less brutal than artist’s previous […]

Two Romanian Painters Mock Nigel Farage’s Xenophobia Via Art Installation

Once, the ex-leader of UKIP and Brexit supporter Nigel Farage (this Donald Trump of UK) said in an interview for LBC Radio: “Any normal and fair-minded person would have a perfect right to be concerned if a group of Romanian people suddenly moved in next door”. His political attitude towards immigrants and workers in United […]

Embrace The “No Censorship” Spirit of Al Visuals Photography

Alex a.k.a AL Visuals is a talented photographer from Iasi, Romania, teaching us how to embrace the skin and the clothes we live in. As he states, his style of photographing has different shades, approaches and perspectives of human expressiveness in an environment without censorship. Characterised by fluid movement, a gloomy color palette and great […]

This Week’s Pic(k)s From Our Feed

Check out this collection of 20 or so pictures posted online this week by Romanian photographers we appreciate enough to browse through their stuff from time to time to see what they’ve been up lately. There you go: All credits belong to the photographers. Picks taken from Cultartes Mag‘s feed, week August 15-21, 2016. Send your […]

Enter the Magical World of Illustrator Ioana Șopov

I assume many of you know Ioana Șopov works, but I reckon I found out pretty late (yet it’s never too late) about her. Freelance illustrator and graphic designer, Ioana is currently based in Bucharest, Romania. She works both digital and traditional media and loves trying out new styles and techinques. Looking at Ioana’s illustrations […]

New ‘Kinky-Erotic’ Photos From Artist Suzana Pleșca, ‘Cause Why Not

“I photographed this couple and I think I caught a few nice shots”, she told me. “There you go!”. That’s possibly the most simple and honest description a photo-series can get. Suzana Pleșca is a photographer/videographer we encountered before (read here), but as we are all getting aroused at any like or share we get on Facebook, the […]

Why We’re So Obsessed With Ana Topoleanu’s Photography?

Ana Topoleanu was born back in the ’80s, in a communist system, spending her first seven years of life in a small rural village. Since she went on what was meant to be her first vacation, to Chile, her passion for photography grew even stronger. She now lives in Mexico and keeps on traveling and […]

“Emotion In Motion” – The Rebirth of Instant Photography

I was born early enough to know what a Polaroid is, but too late to understand what’s it all about. From the rather vague memories of my childhood, I managed to select a few interesting ones, I managed to keep some of them fresh. One of those memories is about a few youngsters who used […]

Romanian Artist Michelle De Rose Whispers Songs Through Photography (Interview)

Michelle De Rose is a talented 22 years old artist, student and photographer from Brasov, currently based in Constanta, Romania. Michelle uses Nikon D7000, she shoots a lot of fashion, beauty and fine art portraits. But you’re about to find out more about her in the following interview Cultartes made.  Cultartes: Why Michelle De Rose? Is […]

Oxana Lasco (Kohananeptune) Is The Crazy Rebel Against The System

Oxana Lasco (Kohananeptune) is the lemon from the lemonade. She’s the cock from the cocktail; almost overly sweet in person, and then she can switch into these characters when she is modeling. Intrigued by the power of images and the pureness of the human body, her work is beautifully frustrating. It’s like she’s trying to […]

Being a Lesbian Artist in Romania: A Talk With Corina Chirilă, Painter

I’ve always thought about Romania as a liberal society, despite all the signs that it isn’t, in fact, one. The recent events concerning the banning of same-sex marriage in the country cleared all the doubts. The real tricky thing about all this is that we don’t actually see the reality unless we’re part of LGBT […]

Maidanul Cu Vise. Interviu Daniel Rocca (FiRMA)

Firma este una dintre trupele acelea care îți rămân întipărite pe retină și-n minte de la prima ascultare, iar asta se datorează, într-o măsură bună, și frontman-ului ei Daniel Rocca.  Baldo, Cultartes: Salutare, Rocca! Aveai o descriere la o poză de prin 2005 pe care ai postat-o, oarecum recent, pe un site de socializare mult prea […]

Experimental Band Poetrip Makes Music To Get Stoned To

You know the struggle. Here you are, rolling a joint, the windows are closed, the fridge is full. You’re ready to hit it, when the reality strikes you: there’s no music! What the hell? How did you even forget? Open something. Youtube, Soundcloud, Spotify… anything! Shit! The joint is half-burnt and you didn’t find the […]

Livia Fălcaru And Her Bizarre Representations Of The Human Psyche

Joining our collection of artists with amazing works is the Romanian artist Livia Fălcaru. Bucharest- based, she is currently studying graphic design and she’s mainly focused on illustration. Livia has found her niche’ within the artworld by focusing her talents on creating works in the idea of finding beauty where no one else can. I […]

The Red District of Andrei Burcea’s Mind

I opened up two Tumblr blogs to get the text going. The big, black & white, eye-raping pictures start developing. The crimson, blood-dissolving red pictures, start flowing. My useless thirst to gather visual waste tells me that I know Andrei, even though he doesn’t know me (I’m the epitome of stalking). But I don’t know […]