Bogdan Botas’s Funny, Cute Illustrations Are Based on Romanian Daily Life Struggles

Bogdan Botas is a young photographer which we interviewed a while ago (here), but his new project has nothing to do with those touching portraits we were used to seeing. Just when I though Bogdan has done it all, he proved me wrong. He creates funny illustration based on a daily life as a Romanian. […]

Collective Authorship: Private Histories of Public Architecture

Friday, November 17, at 6:30 PM, @ A5 Studio Space in Amzei Square no. 5 in Bucharest, marks the opening of the Collective Authorship exhibition, a project that investigates the oral history of building the House of the People initiated by visual artist Călin Dan in collaboration with architect Celia Ghyka, as a new episode of […]

(Exclusive) Thy Veils Releases New Outworldly Video – ‘In Brightness’

Considering their musical approach and appearance, Thy Veils manages to detach from this world. “In Brightness” is the fourth story born from and for “Neoradiant”; it’s a new chapter, a new video. Hmm…it sounds rather grotesque to name it a video based on what this visual exploration actually represents. But yes, it’s another way of […]

Thoughts on Lupu Marius’s Rare Gathering

There was an interesting, rather weird thought when I first heard about Marius’s event idea. Have you ever experienced that happiness-envy feeling? Well, that kinda happened to me. There was a huge fight taking place in my mind, from “wow, man, I’m so happy, proud of you…bla, bla, this is like the best idea ever” […]

Watch “Idol”, a First Stop-Motion Film by Manuel Cojocaru

Manuel Cojocaru’s first short-film – “Idol” –  is a stop-motion about violence, cruelty, desperation and the tireless search for help in a higher force. For a first film, the black and white, experimental montage manages to deliver a symbolic, terrifying experience, to say the least. Ritualistic, primordial concepts like rebirth, omnipotence and fertility are hidden […]

Cultartes Picks #Inktober 2017’s Romanian Illustrators

Inktober 2017 is almost over, and we’ve decided to take a quick look at what Romanian illustrators and ink passionate artists managed to come up with this year. While most of the #Inktober wannabe’s gave up after the first sketch (long live procrastination!), there are few who succeeded to stick to it till the very […]

#Inktober: Self-Explanatory Sketches of Adrian Iorga

Adrian Iorga is a passioned typo and graphic-designer from Romania whose latest series for #Inktober brought out the best of him. His recent drawings really got my eye and it was just a matter of time until this feature was gonna come up. Any of his new sketches would easily go by as inspired logos, […]

Oana Barbonie’s Collages Are Based Around a Chaotic, Sci-Fi Like Approach to Portraiture

I’ve been noticing that my Facebook news feed has been jam-packed with awesome collage work lately, Oana Barbonie being one of the people I found responsible for. Not quite sure from where to start when trying to describe Oana’s work and what her hobbies suggest. But is there a thing she can’t do? I couldn’t […]

Underground Band ‘Poetrip’ Posts Topless Pic From Show, Gets Reported, Re-posts

Romanian post-rock, experimental band Poetrip went topless on stage this week, while performing at their last concert in Control Club (Bucharest). Oana Maria, the band’s lead-singer, a pro-nudity activist as well as a known feminist says the gesture is a way of promoting equality between sexes.   After a picture of the show was reported […]

Exposing Movement Exhibition – Body Motion Through Analog Photography

Four photographers (Alina Usurelu, Sabina Suru, Hermina Stanciulescu, Lavinia Pollack) and three choreographers (Simona Deaconu, Ioana Marchidan, Andreea Novac) joined for an outstanding experiment, the so-called Exposing Movement. The initiative is the very first project of Developing Art aka D’ART, a newly founded Romanian NGO whose purpose is promoting interdisciplinary education as well as developing […]

Emanuella Drăgan: „Am Învățat să Caut Inspirație în Răni”

Emanuella Drăgan este o tânără artistă din Ploiești ce realizează imagini de-a dreptul captivante. Nu știi la ce să te uiți prima și prima dată ca nu cumva să îți scape ceva din ochi. Eu m-am uitat de cel puțin trei ori peste pozele și picturile ei, toate au un aer ireal de sofisticat, iar […]

Romanian Author Self-Translates Her Debut Book on Modern Love

Romanian author, photographer and wanderer Ioana Cristina Casapu wants to personally translate in English her nationally awarded debut novel, published last year: “Deviatii de Stereo” (en. Stereo Deviations). “Stereo Deviations is a colorful, partially ironic analysis of the Facebook generation, and the way it’s life, half lived in offline and half online, transforms dramatically. The crushes, […]

Despite the Fearless Look, Lupu Marius’s Exclusive Series Embrace a Natural Sensibility

Whenever I say Marius Lupu has reached his best, he proves me wrong. I honestly can find the right amount of words to describe his work that is not already known. I’ve been totally shut down when he sends me the photos, he has a specific, kinky, raw style. It lights up your eyes, the […]

Diana Vrinceanu – Between Nowhere and Everwhere

1995. Bill Clinton “mistakenly” confirms that Area 51 exists. Microsoft releases Windows 95, the first major consumer-oriented edition of Windows. Ebola epidemic kills almost 250 people in Central-Africa. And, finally, the instant-cult, independent film “Kids”, directed by Larry Clark, sees the big screen. Starring prominent actresses in their youth, such as Chloë Sevigny or Rosario […]

Cristina Vlas and A New Fascination with Drawing on Wood (Interview)

Cristina Vlas is a young artist born in Republic of Moldova, whose works I first saw on Facebook. I guess there’s no need for a longer introduction, we kinda asked her everything we were curious about. You can visit her page WoodPortrait for more images or for orders. Hi, Cristina! First thing off, tell us […]

Mona Vulpoiu’s Queenly Jewels Suggest a Hypnotic Effect

It’s been a while since I first saw Mona Vulpoiu‘s delightful, compelling, alien-like jewels. Utopic brand led me to her, since she’s in charge of this project. Step by step I came to realize her creations are truly dreamy and quite bold. Mona’s work may seem simple for some of you, but I actually see […]

C’est Lui, Paul Virlan!

Romanian illustrator Paul Virlan (featured here) is going to exhibit this month a series of artworks in an venue meant to set up a milestone in his artistic development. From 30th of June and until 14 of July, if you’re in Bucharest you can come by Copper’s Pub to witness “C’est Moi”, the artist’s transmorphism seen through […]

Lucian Harbada’s Collages Offer a New, Unusual Perspective on Life and Reality

I recently ran into Lucian Harbada‘s work and I’m feeling excited I eventually did this. He creates impressing minimalist collages, managing to offer a new and unusual perspective on life and reality. Lucian presents his own parallel world, where everything seem to be surrounded by the vast emptiness of space. I mostly enjoy how he […]

There are Infinite Reasons to Love Temptation of Sin Series by Stefan Neagu

Stefan Neagu‘s Temptation of Sin series is an approach to reality, a call for pushing the boundaries. Some bizarre emotions get a chance to speak in these pictures. Stefan focuses on portrait photography, it’s like he tries to examine the changes happened in a female representation; the result is both outstanding and poetic. Already known […]

Cultartes x Bad Jubies Apparel: The Story Behind this Photo Shooting

So I guess he did it again and this time we were dead serious involved. Lupu Marius made a special photo shooting featuring Cultartes and Bad Jubies Apparel sweet t-shirts. It’s more like a fashion story starring Melania Spataru and Raula Hutan; a story based and about capturing the essence of a badass friendship and […]

An End is A Beginning. Cardinal {Interview}

Cardinal is a young project based in Constanța, Romania; some extremely passionate boys and in love with music and broken-like genres from times they weren’t born yet. I’m saying this because, after they successfully managed to rise up in music they sadly decided to withdraw. After they screw our brains out, they considered school is […]