Stunning And Extremely Delicate Wooden Jewelry By Manuela Marchis

We all know Manuela Marchis, vocalist at Thy Veils and Pilestra (here is an interview made by our mate Baldo). She recently started to design really stunning, lively wooden jewelry, extremely delicate and light in a way that seems too perfect for this world. Using many materials such as satin, bead, metal, textile and wood, her creations […]

Fresh, Conceptual Portraits of Teenagers by Hassie M.

So many young, talented photographers out there recently! They pop up every day! It feels like trying to behead a Hydra, just to let other two new heads to grow instead; when you think you’ve seen most of them artists, another dozen with new vision appear! You can say a lot about technology and its bad […]

Livia Fălcaru And Her Bizarre Representations Of The Human Psyche

Joining our collection of artists with amazing works is the Romanian artist Livia Fălcaru. Bucharest- based, she is currently studying graphic design and she’s mainly focused on illustration. Livia has found her niche’ within the artworld by focusing her talents on creating works in the idea of finding beauty where no one else can. I […]

Cristian Crisbășan, Photographer: “I Don’t Have Time To Waste Time”

The author of some clear, clean, honest and strong photographs, the lector of “Vama Under Oscar Light’s” (VSLO) nude workshop. Cristian was published by TACHEN, in “The New Erotic Photography (2007) and “The Big Book of Pussy (2011). He was also published by LOFT Publications in “Nude Photography” (2010), having published his own nude photography […]

Vulvas On Canvas: The Bloody Pussy-Prints of Smaranda Ursuleanu

I had a chat few days ago with Romanian visual artist Smaranda Ursuleanu (20). I encountered what others might call a shocking first virtual ‘date’. I kind of get what I deserve, since I kept hunting for unconventionality for so long. Smaranda is one of those smart, wild, beautiful minds, eager to mess up with your preconceptions. […]

ROB TV. Two Guys Create Pseudo-Television To Satirize Romanian Church

In a society where morality is measured based on how many times you make out with a mummy during lifetime, churches pop up like mushrooms after rain and the patriarch drives his fancy-ass car, wears gold and velvet while preaching about modesty, a serious movement had to happen. Eduard and Marius, the two guys from […]

‘While You Sleep’: Daydreaming Just Became Your New Hobby

Hello, Dreamer! You’re here, in this unpopular part of the Internet where a writer and a photographer met to have fun with what they think they know best. Or feel best. You’re welcomed to stay here as long as your attention span. – While You Sleep A new Tumblr-ish project is about to take over your daily activity. Two […]

Vlad Harabagiu’s Portraits of Classic Superheroes and Villains Are Spot On

Vlad Harabagiu is a Romania-based freelance artist from Iasi. His artworks subjects cover digital and traditional portraiture, most of them inspired by the fantasy universe, comic-books and cartoons. His unconventional ‘derps’ (as he calls his drawings) are wrapped in this strange villany attitude, with a touch of fun and mysterious atmosphere. Some of his portraits can be […]

Thorns-Sunglasses: The Ultimate and (Probably) The Coolest Accessory Ever

Alexandru Racu (RAACU), Romanian photographer, guest on Cultartes, pop-artist, hyperrealist painter and now inventor, came up recently with this piece of badass, painful-to-look-at sunglasses. And now he’s wearing them to make us hate his guts. The unexpected accessory has been created using a pair of recycled sunglasses, with a final touch of hardcore perfection: thorns. […]

Girl Poses in Deep, Meaningful Pictures, Then Trolls Herself

Larrsia Danilov, Romania-based writer and caricaturist, guest on Cultartes Magazine, takes the “making fun of oneself” idea to a whole new level of “trollness”. She poses as a goth-like, depressive, deep-thinking model in a series of semi-dark photographs, as many other girls before her. But then, the unexpected hits us: she trolls herself by turning […]

Did Someone Say ‘SkirtBike’? Yes, Please!

This Sunday, women from 12 Romanian cities will ride their bikes wearing skirts, in a national stylish parade whose main goals are to make a fashion statement, to “celebrate the independence and empowerment that cycling can provide to all women” and to increase the number of bicycles on the streets in a chic, healthy manner.  […]

The ‘Rabbit Hole’ Exists And It’s Been Discovered in A Romanian City

“The rabbit-hole went straight on like a tunnel for some way, and then dipped suddenly down, so suddenly that Alice had not a moment to think about stopping herself before she found herself falling down a very deep well.” – Alice in Wonderland, Chapter 1 Remember Alice in Wonderland? The Wonderland’s ‘hallway’ was this deep […]

Fine, It’s Pink’s New EP Thrown Me Into a Musical Lucid Dream

Honestly, I didn’t think I would like it. As a matter of fact, I didn’t believe I would feel anything about it. I’m not exactly what you’d call a fan, even though I have a general appreciation for the band, their awesome music and for their evolution from local group to a wider national notoriety (and […]

“Kusturician” Documentary about Romanian “Heigh-Ho!” Rural Society Will Be Released Next Week

Heirupist is a Romanian artificial word which describes the character of a person who takes part in a team and does nothing but pretending to work with the others. It comes from the interjection hei-rup! (en. heigh-ho! or ahoy!). This word suits inarguably the idea of “Tătă lumea din comuna noastră” (en. All The People […]

Listen and Download the New Album from Romanian Rock Band Pinholes

Pinholes, Romanian alternative rock band, released their new album – “Era Pietrelor Neșlefuite” (en. The Age of The Unsmoothed Stones)  two months ago (on February, 19, to be specific). Recently, they also launched the official music video for the first album single: “Porcul Spinos” (en. Spiny Pig). The video was realized in collaboration with LUNO (the […]

ElectroLive Session – Electro Music and Visual Arts Festival to Happen This Month

ElectroLive Session 2015 is the first international festival of electro music and visual arts in the northeast Romania. The event will happen on May, 22nd and 23rd, in Iasi (Moldova Exhibit Center, Nicolina). For two nights straight, the ElectroLive Session festival will bring on the stage well-known artists from all over Europe – Germany, France, UK, […]