Interview: Collapse Under the Empire

Collapse Under the Empire is getting ready to play their first concert since the band’s formation. For the first time in their history, the band will perform live (07 May, Saturday) at Dunk!festival in Belgium. The band also announced the release of their new double album “A Matter of Identity” for September 2016. Baldo, Cultartes: […]

Like A Whisper In The Dark. Interview with Anna-Varney Cantodea (Sopor Æternus & the Ensemble of Shadows)

Sopor Aeternus & the Ensemble of Shadows, for those who do not know yet, is a darkwave/gothic musical project based in Germany, founded in 1989 by Anna-Varney Cantodea. Anna-Varney’s work is extremely personalized, melancholic and pessimistic, drawing on a number of different musical and visual styles, and has garnered a cult following. Well, we just had a talk about […]

Leanne Surfleet: “My Self-Portraits Deal With My Own Mortality”

Leanne Surfleet is a UK based analogue and self-portrait photographer. I see her work like a nostalgic beauty, allowing me to enter into her intimacy. The portraits make us connect to her work and share different emotions and states. The self is the subject she captures so well with expired film and Polaroids so we […]

Irina Gache – Sink At The Bottom of Oceans And Seas

Irina Gache has a way to expose through photography and writing, things which are close to what is buried and repressed within people. Things close to their darkness and the inner child which we all have and choose to lock up as we age. We lock him up somewhere far away and then throw the […]

“I Feel That For Me It Was Really About Lips”

Cultartes features Nastia Cloutier-Ignatiev, an 18 year old portrait, fashion and beauty photographer based in Montreal, Qc. She’s currently attending the Dawson College DEC Professional Photography Program. You, guys, we’ll see in the interview we made with Nastia, how much does she actually likes school. Or lips. Or baths. The so talented Nastia takes us […]

A Dash of Black, A Thought in White: Interview with Fulmineos

Baldo, Cultartes: Hello! Trying to overcome the certain barriers that the social logic impose us, can be metal music a form of existence, maybe spiritual? Fulmineos: Hello! For me, metal alongside the other genres is a spiritual experience; the music itself is a place of refuge, contemplation and profound influence to our lifestyle. I tried […]

Cristiana Cott Negoescu – Bioluminescent creature thinking in multiple dimensions

Cristiana is for me one of those people with whom I couldn’t ever reach a wall (like an end) of consciousness, imagination, thought and knowledge, even if I would live outside of time. When I say wall, I’m talking about a blockage, an end – the consumption of the creative source that lies within her. […]

“Amalgama” – Ultima pasăre Phoenix a Ioanei Diacu

Am început să colaborez cu Ioana, de când i-am fost model pentru proiectul gotic-punk “Eclipse of The Moon”, fotografiat de Cristian Crisbășan. Rochiile pe care le-a făcut atunci, au fost exact pe gustul meu, dat fiind că mie-mi plac chestiile dark, gotice, punk și metal. Am mai avut ocazia să ne ciocnim și în alte […]

Vulvas On Canvas: The Bloody Pussy-Prints of Smaranda Ursuleanu

I had a chat few days ago with Romanian visual artist Smaranda Ursuleanu (20). I encountered what others might call a shocking first virtual ‘date’. I kind of get what I deserve, since I kept hunting for unconventionality for so long. Smaranda is one of those smart, wild, beautiful minds, eager to mess up with your preconceptions. […]

Interview With The Creators of Touché: Art, Sacred Geometry and Mind-Design

Recently I started to think: “What makes us create culture-oriented guerrilla-like online initiatives, actions that apparently don’t bring any actual benefits?”. Nobody’s considering that, in this “puzzle of reasons”, the creators become some sort of walking personal diaries at everyone’s disposal. Once you’ve started this activity, you become the crackhead slave of a machine that […]

When Music is a Business of Beauty. Interview with Francesco Berta.

Francesco Berta is a music composer and visual artist from Italy and currently living in London. His works features an intuitive, organic and visual approach to the composition and recording, involving acoustic and electric instruments, soundscapes anda minimal use of electronics. Francesco’s music, defined by listeners and reviewers “vivid, extremely detailed and cinematic” have been […]

A Talk With Raluca Marie Wolfski, The Dreamful Tale-Teller and Photographer From ‘She Wolf’

After a journey through the blinding world of She Wolf, I felt like my eyes were flooded with milk. Fashion and food porn, northern coldness (well, the place she’s from – Bucovina – it’s kind of the Romanian Scandinavia) and pale tones, silence and delicacy. Faceless self-portraits. OCD-ish order. These are just few words that […]

Metalul tatuat în sânge. Interviu cu Djeeckx (Indian Fall)

Baldo, Cultartes: Salut! Cu o existență de aproape 20 de ani, Indian Fall reprezintă deja un nume important al scenei metal de la noi. Cum îți sună ideea acesta că, prin pasiune, poți scrie un fel de istorie? Djeeckx, Indian Fall: Salut! E drept că Indian Fall are o vechime în scena metal din România, dar nu […]

Feel – O – Sophia. Interviu cu Jack Popescu (Kultika)

Baldo, Cultartes: Salut! Jack Popescu: Salut şi mulţumiri pentru oportunitatea asta! Hai să începem cam așa… Cât de bogat te face muzica? Te face foarte bogat dacă ştii ce să cânţi. Smiley trăieşte din asta, nu? Ruby la fel. Am o subliniere care o fac mereu – în muzică, există muzicanţi şi artişti. Muzicanţii cântă […]

This is what we deserve. Interview with Jan Platek (We Deserve This)

Baldo, Cultartes: Hello! Can you tell us when it appeared or what was the first impulse that made you start this project? Jan Platek: I`m making music for almost 25 years now. I started as a drummer and I played in different bands. When you play the drums, you are not really involved in the […]

Demonii psihedelici ai Alexandrei Crisbășan. „Între întuneric profund și culori orbitoare”

“There is a beast in man that needs to be exercised not exorcised“ – Anton Szandor LaVey Prima dată am văzut pozele Alexandrei Crisbășan (nu-i știam încă numele) în urmă cu aproape un an. Era un Tumblr cu imagini grele, suprasaturate, îmbibate cu o senzație că tocmai lăsasem în urmă realitatea comodă în care mă […]

Valeriu Cătălineanu, fotograf: „Îmi imaginez că sunt sunetul care atinge omul”

„Să fii, nu să faci!” Dacă am vrea, pozatul în club ar putea foarte ușor deveni o ramură separată a fotografiei. Cele mai multe localuri de noapte adoptă de obicei câte-un fotograf amator, vreun amic de-al barmanului, proprietar de DSLR care acceptă să facă poze pentru intrare liberă la vreun concert sau pentru câteva beri […]

Adrian Serghie, Ilustrator: „Desenul ăsta va fi mai bun ca celălalt!”

Draw what you love. Pimp that work. Repeat. Adrian Serghie este unul dintre cei mai prolifici ilustratori din țară. Benzi desenate, fotografie stradală, ilustrații contorsionate și semne de carte – you name it. Îl cunosc de ceva vreme. Mai mult din mediul virtual, deși de vreo două sau trei ori ni s-au încrucișat căile și […]

Álvaro Barcala’s Symbiosis Between God and Sex

When asked about his life motto, Alvaro simply replied: “God!”. I thought at first he might be one of those fanatics, you know? But he’s no monk. He’’s seen the world. He traveled and lived in other countries more than a decade. Álvaro Barcala is a 38 years old Spanish artist whose artworks made me […]

A Forest Of Stars Interview.

The Literature Behind Music, Pt. 2. The Interview. Baldo, Cultartes: Hello! Probably there were many that have asked you about this. But, where did the inspiration of your name, A Forest Of Stars, came from? It has a somehow … romantic shade, so to speak. Curse: Unfortunately, the story behind the name is not so […]