Mike Parker’s Trio Theory @ Reflektor

[:ro] După cum știți, Cultartes este despre neconvențional. Ei bine, poate vă întrebați de ce scriem despre un eveniment jazz. Deoarece, și ca să nu ne întindem prea mult cu vorba, la noi, jazz-ul este încă o muzică, un stil, de viață mai ales, perceput cumva “ciudat”, de un anume […]

When Death Makes You Sing. Interview with Stelios Romaliadis (Lüüp)

[:en] Throughout history, Death, both phenomenon and character, has been a source of inspiration for many artists. Our friend, Stelios Romaliadis, tells us how Death became the leitmotif of the newest album Lüüp,“Canticles Of The Holy Scythe”. We see death as the symbol of the constant renovation of the Cosmos. CVLTARTES: Hello, […]

5 major art

This Week’s 5 Major Art Fucking Picks #3

[:en] Art is the only domain in which you can play God without needing permission or resources. Art is the only domain in which asking for permission means hanging your spirit, the only domain in which censor will hopefully always lose battles in the continuous war. We are constantly hungry for […]

Badthrowup: Raw Photography Exhibition in Milan

[:en] We wrote about Antonio Paradiso every time we had the chance to. This time he has decided to exhibit his photographs in Futurismo Elettronico Tribale: Mumdance | Milano Digital Week event and he has our full support. This also comes hand in hand with our “Fuck your standards!” motto, […]

DIGITAL:CANVAS Prezintă ZEN : Bimanual Coordination Drawing

[:ro] Când citești titlul de la articolul ăsta zici că tre’ să fie vorba de ceva foarte complicat și legat de chestii spirituale și cumva extra-terestre. Eh, s-ar putea să ai pe undeva dreptate! Ce vrea să fie de fapt? Un curs de desen gratuit pe o durată de trei […]

Outstanding Photos of Portugal’s Abandoned Places, by Dimitri Bourriau

[:en] France-based photographer and graphic designer Dimitri Bourriau is a “multifaceted self-taught artist” with a passion for urban exploration and mainly abandoned places. Last time we featured on Cultartes his take on Buzludza, the “Bulgarian abandoned Soviet spaceship”, an astonishing photo-series of one of most mysterious architectural structures from Eastern […]

Brooklyn-Made Dub: Super Hi-Fi Releases ‘Blue and White’ LP (Exclusive)

[:en] We’re proud to be hosting the long expected jazzy-reggae LP Blue and White official release by New York-based gang Super Hi-Fi. A virtuous blend of reggae, with rock and ska influences in right amounts of each, is probably what your ears (and soul) need to regenerate. I’ve taken a close, chill listen […]

‘In Search of Perfect Illusion’, Analog Portraits by Karina Fomin

[:en] Karina Fomin is a photographer based in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Her analog portraits are bits of a journey of self-discovery and liberty. Her models are caught in the privacy of their bedrooms, ivertebrate and libertine. Sealed in a pompous package of idealistic appearance, Karina’s artworks are merely attempts of […]