(Premiere) French Post-Punk Duo HININ Releases First EP – “Noyés”

Pierre and Antonin are two French musicians coming from “forsaken places”. They recently formed post-punk duo HININ, inspired by artists like Eagulls or The Dogs, with cold wave and street punk/power punk influences. “This summer, rather than laying out on the fine sand beaches, or drinking some fresh drinks on terraces, we were locked in […]

Romanian Author Self-Translates Her Debut Book on Modern Love

Romanian author, photographer and wanderer Ioana Cristina Casapu wants to personally translate in English her nationally awarded debut novel, published last year: “Deviatii de Stereo” (en. Stereo Deviations). “Stereo Deviations is a colorful, partially ironic analysis of the Facebook generation, and the way it’s life, half lived in offline and half online, transforms dramatically. The crushes, […]

The Mind-Bending Erotic-Collages of Alexandros Raskolnick

Alexandros Raskolnick is a visual artist from Belarus. His works, sometimes surreal, are mainly compositions based on mixing erotic photography and retouching. The way his mind works, the approach in creating the collages has something fresh, intriguing to it. He usually chooses two or three random pictures with sometimes unexpectedly opposite atmospheres (for instance, a […]

Cold Void. A Film That Brings Sensationalism Through Brutal Honesty

I’m a cinephile. All about movies – old or new, action or romance, anything and everything. So when I heard about this film festival in my town, I just finished my coffee and I started to dress up so I can get there as fast as possible. I had no idea about any of the movies or films […]

Kübra Sağın: Showcasing the Woman in Her Vulnerable Positions or Intimate Moments

Kübra Sağın aka syndrome Stockholm (a condition that causes hostages to develop a psychological alliance with their captors as a survival strategy during captivity; to mention the photos have nothing to do with the condition itself) is a photographer from Istanbul, Turkey. She mostly shoots outstanding, dreamy analog photographs, showcasing the woman in her most […]

Mariana Castro and Her Beautifully Captured Images Project to Your Inner Pain

Mariana Castro is born on a cold day of November in Lisbon, Portugal. She’s a photographer and filmmaker who studied PhD in Communication and Art at New University. Her images are just perfect to watch on a lazy, rainy, gloomy Sunday when your bed and your blanket become your warm shelter. There are many things […]

You’d Better Let Elisabetta Roncoroni’s Work Grow Dense and Take Shape in Your Mind

Elisabetta Roncoroni is an Italian photographer who mostly captures analog images with her Canon Eos 10 or Pentax P30. She shoots beautiful, soft portraits which remind me about a woman’s delicate skin and features. I really do believe she managed to capture a moment, it’s like she carries the stories she heard as a child. […]

As a Mental Illnesses Survivor, Célia Schouteden Portrays Her Intimate Feelings Regarding Her Anxiety

Célia Schouteden is a young photographer based in Belgium, studying Psychology at her hometown university. Analog photography has become now part of her life, finding this process unpredictable and poetic. And now would be the time to realize why Dead Poets Society is one of her all-time favorite movies; you’ll get that dreamy, different perspective […]

Dăm startul la Bucharest Photo Week 2017 pe 11 septembrie!

Între 11-17 septembrie 2017, va avea loc ediția a IV-a a Bucharest Photo Week, unul dintre cele mai importante festivaluri de fotografie din capitală. Temele predominante ale #bpw2017 vor fi fotografia de stradă și cea documentară, iar locațiile evenimentelor vor fi multiple, precum în anii precedenți. Gallery Cafe, susținută de ANAV (Asociația Națională pentru Arte […]

Quick Guide: The “Cultflix” Extravaganza?

What? Cultartes TV is a simple YouTube-based online streaming channel, hosted by a free platform, created strictly to promote video material submitted by our readers or to-be-featured artists. People can send teasers or trailers of their new projects, short-films, music-videos, interviews, experimental or amateur videos, event videos. As long as they’re recent and fit our […]

Behemoth’s Vocalist is Carelessly Provoking Our Subconscious

Me and That Man. Sounds like you wouldn’t think a lot about the name, doesn’t it? Well yeah, it’s spontaneous. Even the idea of it, how it started to be produced and how it’s getting shaped. Me and That Man is a project started by Nergal, the vocalist of Behemoth, in collaboration with John Porter, […]

Redefining Self-Eroticism and Female Nudity – Tabata Roja

Tabata Roja is a 23 years old self-taught photographer based in Mexico City. Her vast preoccupation in the domain determined her to experiment obsessively with analog photography (lomography in particular) and even start formal studies in chemical photography. On Her Art Process and Aestethics “I am crazy about the idea of how the emulsion will […]

Beauty Requires Touch. Portraits of Girls, by Bruno Maric

Bruno Maric is a photographer based between New York and Los Angeles, an artist “in love with faces, bodies, hearts and minds”. His portfolio consists mainly in portraits, an exclusive feminine side, in a perpetual try to capture as much expression as possible. His obsession with female portraiture is one of the reasons that determined […]

Those Who Fuck The Labels. The Normals, by Paul Kurucz

They say what’s normal for the spider is chaos for the fly. The same principle applies to Paul Kurucz new photo series which has as main subject the separation of standard notion of “normality” as accepted by society. “Most people are normal”, the art statement explains. “Some want to be different and follow the norms […]

A Sleepwalker Who Loves Dreams: NSFW Dark, Mysterious Gifs

Neto. No other name, no desire to talk about his art, he presents himself as Neto. Scorpion, graduated the Film School in Krakow. A sleepwalker who loves dreams and dreams, believes in power! While I do reckon I have no desire in having such dreams, his art might be considered disturbing and quite terrifying. I […]

I Was Caught Up in a Vicious Circle After I Saw Deni Pesto’s Images

Deni Pesto is a Russian photographer and cinematographer based in Saint Petersburg. No wonder all of his images are so alike to movie scenes, everything just seem to be about the human gesture and an intimate environment. If there’s one thing that caught me the most about his work, is the outstanding mix of tones […]

Neon Fauves: Meagan Boyd’s Modern-Day Goddesses of Nature

Meagan Boyd is a Los Angeles based painter who combines the modern-age impressionism with the attraction for Central-American occultism in a perpetual pursuit of creating her own mythical realm. As simplistic or bidimensional (aka “flat vacuous backdrop“) as they might seem, the artist’s works are in fact overly charged with meaning and spiritual symbols. In Boyd’s […]

“You Cannot Join Us!”- The Representation of Empowered Women by Adriana Cruzat

Adriana Cruzat is a Philippines based illustrator who mostly portraits female subjects. One of her method of creating such pieces is simply browsing the internet, while getting inspired by random photos and turn them into her version of art. She focuses on the traditional idea of women in portraiture, using stunning colors and fine lines. […]

If Depression Would Be Nude. Nasos Karabelas’ Photography

Nasos Karabelas is a photographer and film director from Greece. His primary love is cinema. So far he produced two short-films and a feature film which took part in film festivals across his country and also abroad. Karabelas experimented with photography only in the last four years. “I’m self taught”, he says, “and the kind […]

Hippie in Cyprus – Chronicles of a Wannabe Traveller

I’ve been living for about 3 years in Cyprus and didn’t really started to discover it until just recently. I’ve probably seen more of this island in the first week than during the rest of couple years that followed. I’ve been working, meeting people, random life-changing events occured and I’ve changed my mindset several times. […]

Forget About This Unbearable Heat with Lena Pogrebnaya’s Work

Lena Pogrebnaya is an architect and a photographer currently based in Ukraine; she focuses on fashion and architecture, something mixing these last two with fine art and portrait photography. While looking at her photos in some peculiar way I sense a bit of drama. I am convinced that after I saw these images, stared amazed […]

The Secret Places of Tom Stoltenberg

Tom Stoltenberg is a young photographer and student at the technical university Dortmund, Germany. Born and grown up in the area ‘Ruhrgebiet’, best known for it’s large coal industry of the last century, he focuses on portraying abandoned places such as old coal mines and similar industrial objects. That metropolitan region is undergoing a change […]

Jonathan Moyal’s Images Make You Think About Your Sweetest Dreams

Jonathan Moyal is a French photographer who creates stunning, intimate images of young girls, but you’ll also find in his photo stream a bunch of impressive landscape images taken while traveling, successfully capturing and creating unique moments. What I admire the most about his photography journal is the powerful use of tones. Either black and […]

The Photographic World of Nurjona Pinguri

Nurjona Pinguri is a sweet girl from Tirana, Albania, who made a passion for photographing the world around her. Our law student, namely Nurjona, tries through her own resources to unravel the photographic art, but also Latin and French. Well, we’re dealing with a very ambitious chick. Good for us! I went over her work after hours of browsing […]

Hubert Solczynski’s Mind-Revealing Creations Just Can’t Leave You Insensitive

I ran into Hubert Solczynski’s unique work a couple of days ago and there’s not a single thing that can leave me insensitive. Born in Poland, this young boy has a boundless imagination developing a very particular style. Hubert is a self-taught artist who practiced alone in his room and found refuge in music. His […]

Magali Marrodan Wants You to Feel Something, Whatever You Like or Need

Magali Marrodan (MRGRT) is a photographer based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She tries to impress us with her analog photography in attempt to portray a woman’s sensibility and charm. Magali develops her own films and she has been taking photos since she bought her first camera, a Canon A1. While having most of her friends […]

The Nakedness Of A Muse. Nicole by Justin Friesen

Justin Friesen is a filmaker and a photographer based in Toronto, Canada. In the film industry, he started as an actor at the age of 5. It does not seem too credible, is it? “When I was in High School I took a film class. I fell in love with filmmaking. I was inspired by the likes […]

Hannes Windrath’s Raw Images Are a Call for Freedom

Hannes Windrath is a German photographer capturing the beauty of nudity and naturalness. I found his photography style quite appealing, mixing dark and sexy elements with powerful, yet nostalgic feelings. It’s a cliche somewhere in the middle, he creates a stunning view for what it’s supposed to be a call for freedom. His images are […]

A Three-Minute Endurance Test: Summer’s Puke is Winter’s Delight

After eating a bunch of green beans, it’s not such a good idea to watch this animated music video. It’s definitely a three-minute endurance test. Born in Tokyo in 1990, director Sawako Kanuki worked for a porn video company, after graduating Graphic Design from Tama Art University. I honestly can’t tell what the heck she […]