Romanian Artists Pay Their Tribute to “Charlie Hebdo” Magazine’s Loss

The Romanian journalists and artists communities are paying their respects in Social Media for the “Charlie Hebdo” journalists who lost their lives today in Paris. Needless to say that we’re sorry and outraged about this tragic event.  Let’s do something more than grieving for a day and then let it go. Let’s not like the magazine’s […]

Trying to Impress an Artist is Like Trying to Lick Your Elbow

A few days ago, I was doing some research for an article. I have found, somehow, on iStock, the account of Elena Viserzkaya (Kassandra), an Ukrainian visual artist. She’s a “master of photocompilation”, as she states with a great dose of modesty on her Facebook Page. And, well, she’s right. I tried to start a dialog with […]

This is Why You Should Recommend Artists for Cultartes

It’s OK not to trust our webzine. We don’t trust you either. But when we say that we WILL promote your art on our website, no strings attached whatsoever, we actually mean that! Since we launched the website we got only few recommandations, and that’s partly because of the crappy Facebook page algorithm which doesn’t […]

Ramblings on Contemporary Art (V)

Part 5: Of Original playback and mass creativity “I started as a commercial artist and I want to finish as a business artist.” – Andy Warhol In the era of art reproducible and replaceable to herself, and industrial design, in the age of “original playback” and “mass creativity”, it is possible to understand the difference that […]

Ramblings on Contemporary Art (IV)

Part Four: of Curators, Artists and Frustration. THE CURATOR Fourth important dogma: the omnipotence of the curator. Contemporary art give a unique opportunity: to see prevail ideas about the identity of the artist at work, and therefore art itself. The equation is perfect: the editors being incontinence rhetoric, they feel a visceral need to produce […]

Weed Like to Talk: Nu aștepta să-ți legalizeze cineva iarba, fă-o tu să fie legală!

Nici măcar nu mai are sens să spun de ce sunt de acord cu legalizarea marijuanei, sau să înșirui aici cele câteva beneficii reale deja cunoscute ale consumului de cannabis. Sunteți mari și puteți da un search pe Google. Ce trebuie să știți clar e că de la bun început, ilegalitatea marijuanei a fost o tâmpenie. […]

Ramblings on Contemporary Art (III)

Part 3: of Good Intentions and Context “The artist is the child of his time, but woe to him if he is the disciple or worse still the favorite” (Friedrich Schiller) The second key to the doctrine of contemporary art is good intention and, as we all know, even the road to hell is paved […]

Un actor ieșean a creat Addarta, un ONG în care „devoratorii de artă” se vor promova reciproc

Artiștii se simt mai bine dacă o fac pe „lupii singuratici”, dar nu-și dau seama că în felul ăsta nu dau înainte. Oamenii au nevoie de oameni pentru a clădi ceva. Artiștii nu prea se adună în grupuri pentru a crea ceva durabil. Ăsta este blestemul lor. Singuri pot da frâu liber imaginației, dar în […]

Ramblings on Contemporary Art (II)

Part Two: of Transubstantiation The object as object and the object as a metaphor, as a representation, as a pretext, such as a sublimation. Once it was simple: to be a vase, you painted or sculpt it as a jar. Simple, linear, almost embarrassing in its representative coerence. To represent a fountain, you paint a […]

Ramblings on Contemporary Art (I)

Part One: What? Let’s start with the simple things: what is contemporary art? Reading around, we can say that generically Contemporary Art begins after the post-Impressionism. And when does it end? In fact the contemporary period never finished, because while it is always contemporary. And then because it lacks a school or a dominant artistic movement […]

Proiectul „Humans of New York” a devenit o țâță imensă de la care sug toți oportuniștii

În urmă cu vreo 4 ani, unui fotograf din New York pe nume Brandon Stanton i-a venit toana de a realiza Humans of New York (HONY), un blog pe care să posteze pozele câtorva zeci de miii de locuitori ai metropolei, si cu care să realizeze un fel de carte-hartă a orașului. În timp ce le poza ăstora figurile, […]