Exposing Movement Exhibition – Body Motion Through Analog Photography

Four photographers (Alina Usurelu, Sabina Suru, Hermina Stanciulescu, Lavinia Pollack) and three choreographers (Simona Deaconu, Ioana Marchidan, Andreea Novac) joined for an outstanding experiment, the so-called Exposing Movement. The initiative is the very first project of Developing Art aka D’ART, a newly founded Romanian NGO whose purpose is promoting interdisciplinary education as well as developing […]

Choreographer and Photographer AdeY Captures Images of Naked Bodies in Fluid Poses

British-born photographer AdeY captures stunning images of naked bodies in fluid poses, rather strange yet so captivating. I follow his website for a long time now and I just can’t get enough of this venerability and loneliness thing. He is also an acclaimed choreographer so this must be the reason why he plays so wonderfully […]

Dancer In The Light. Marianne Haugli by Julie Pike

Marianne Haugli is the main character of this photo shooting and a contemporary dancer, model and choreographer; just like Julie, she lives in Oslo, Norway.  Julie Pike is an award-winning photographer whose works have been exhibited in national and international fashion and art publications, institutions, art galleries and museums. Julie Pike was born in Scotland in 1975, […]

The Poetry Brothel and their unearthly world (III)

The Poetry Brothel the creative “Cirque du Freak” from America and continuously extending to Europe. We talked about what the Poetry Brothel is in the first article and continued with a presentation of members within the second article. Their movement introduces you to a part of the world which you can find mostly only in […]

“To perform doesn’t mean to execute” – Interview with Momo Sanno

I find myself fascinated either by extremely odd things or by those which are far from my reach. I would rather learn to understand the differences than toast for the things people have in common and that’s why I decided to interview Momo. As I’ve met him, he embraces the world in a way which […]

The Exorcism-Like Photographs of Dmitri Pryahin

Russia-based photographer Dmitri Pryahin just likes to take photos of dancers and moving people, as he states: “I like to make photos of moving people, dancers, musicians etc, and these photos have the same inspiration as I shoot people, and the same style. It doesn’t matter what you see since you always see human, and […]

Cultartes Features: ‘Mynah’ – The Modern Dance Series of Cristina Siminiceanu

Cristina Siminiceanu is a Romanian dancer, photographer and model based in Timisoara. The intense passion for modern dancing determined her to create a series of videos that would make you experience a large range of emotions, from nostalgia, love or melancholy to revolt, closeness and panic in a relatively short time. She came up with […]

X Platform’s 2nd Edition – Open Call for Young Visual and Multimedia Artists

4Culture Association in co-production with Tangaj Dance, WASP – Working Art Space and Production and Life Long Burning launch the 2nd edition of X Platform, a residency program dedicated to the new generation of visual artists across Europe that supports the research and the production of interactive, new and trans-media projects. The first edition of […]

Intimate Photographs of Women Practicing Their Arts

Romanian photographer Ionel Onofras (Onofrash) is capturing young women practicing their favourite arts: music, painting, dancing, acting or others. The artist is giving new perspectives to a variety of themes, such as etno photography or wildlife, and even religion, but he’s mostly focused on illustrating feminity in all its splendor. Most of his artworks depict […]

Dancers Caught in Wonderful Multiple Exposure Photographs by Romanian Artist

Romanian photographer Tiberiu-Mihail Cimpoeru set-up a quick photoshoot  – Dansdansans – with a couple of dancers, and the result is gorgeous. The multiple exposured photo-series featuring local dancers Irina Strungareanu and Relu Dobrin is a part of  SSP (Serpentine  Series Project), the studio who recently released VERLOREN, a hypnotic fashion short-film about an abstract fight between androgynous angels. Simply said, […]

The New Video from Robin and The Backstabbers is Heartwarming as Hell

The new video of Romanian pop band Robin and The Backstabbers is a big slice of good mood. The music video created for the single “Muzică în cântece” (en. Music in Songs) marks the band’s 5th anniversary and it’s a combination of youth, full of life dancing moves, laughters and, frankly, an illustrations of what real love […]

Elena Vizerskaya’s New Video Explores the Erotic Multiperspectivism

We’re already familiar on Cultartes with the astonishing photo-art of Elena Vizerskaya, Ukrainian artist, self-called (and for good reasons!) “a master of photocompilation“. Her new piece is this video which features the gorgeous model Daria Viktorivna Astafieva. After jaw-dropping and drooling the first few times, you’ll get to finally watch the “Untitled” video from one head to another […]

‘INTERSECTION’, Two Days of Contemporary Art Fusion at Halele Carol (Bucharest)

[UPDATE] Win a double invitation to the event. Find out how, here. After a first collaboration in 2013 which transformed a parking space (Ciclop Garage) into a permanent urban art gallery, Work in Progress and The reart.ro re-unite at Halele Carol, Bucharest, where for two days (May 29 and 30, 2015) they will be presenting a new contemporary art and urban culture event, […]

Pump Up Your Artistic Muscles On The ‘INTERSECTION’ Teaser

The three days art event will be happening in Bucharest (Halele Carol) next month (28-30 May). INTERSECTION, a spiced mixture of contemporary art exhibitions, workshops, performances, films and DJ sets, is the “wonderkid” of Work in Progress (Romanian entity focused on contemporary artistic projects) and The RE:ART (thereart.ro), one of those artsy websites you can’t stop […]

Hypnotic Dancer Breaks into Billion Pixels in the New Video from Thy Veils

Thy Veils is an artistic group based in Timisoara (Romania). Did you see what I did? I said “artistic”, because is quite  difficult to categorize the group. They’re making ambiental “ethereal world music” (which reminds me of Dead Can Dance) and they’re also playing with these inspiring, jaw-dropping videos. But it’s nothing new I appreciate them […]

Lamia, The Fakirs Who Come Straight From The Hell’s Darkest Nightmares

I’ve heard about Lamia before. The Ancient Greeks used to believe that Lamia was this beautiful queen, one of the many mistresses of Zeus, the God’s King. According to the legend, she has been transformed by Hera, the jealous Zeus’ wife into a child-eating monster, only after Hera killed all her children in the first […]

Francmasons Spit Fire on Stefan Cel Mare Boulevard

Am mers și noi să vedem ce înțeleg ieșenii când vine vorba de Ziua Pământului. Începând cu ora 20:30 am asistat la un mic spectacol stradal susținut de către 3 fachiri, 5 roboței înzorzonați cu instalații de Crăciun, un toboșar și o dansatoare. Fachirii au făcut ce-au știut mai bine – au scuipat foc, roboțeii […]

Nagy Melinda’s Uncensored Art

Cei din online o cunosc sub pseudonimul Meli. În realitate, numele ei este Melinda Julia si este din Cluj. O artistă cu fire dezinvoltă care preferă să nu dea importanță etichetelor și care este mereu dispusă provocărilor care au drept rezultat înlăturarea oricăror bariere. Deși nu se consideră un model, Meli a pozat pentru mai […]