Sarah Likes Pretty Girls And We Like Sarah

Sarah Bleszynski has a “bad” habit, sarahlikesprettygirls, as we all do. “Sarah Bleszynski´s work represents a refreshing honest pictorial of women made by women.” (source) Very true, indeed, but for me, this sounds more like a woman fight, into a boxing ring fenced with all kinds of subtleties. I won’t use big words, big words is for nerds; […]

NIИ’s “Not The Actual Events” (EP) – Review

Among the festivities and all the Christmas cheer that’s inevitably shoved down your throat year after year, Nine Inch Nails coming out with a new album and pissing all over your Greatest Christmas Carols compilation is the most wonderful of miracles. On December 16th, Trent Reznor announced the release of the 5-track EP Not The […]

Cultartes Features: Alex Lee by Bleeblu

Mark Harless a.k.a. Bleeblu is a portrait photographer based in Alabama. He believes it’s important you know he is not from there. He merely just lives there until new opportunities come up. Bleeblu was born in the Philippines but spent most of his youth on an island in the the Pacific Ocean called Kwajalein.    This […]

Haris Nukem’s “Work Hard, Play Hard” Attitude is Undeniable Badass

It’s undeniable that Haris Nukem‘s photos are their own brand of awesome. His beginning in photography first started strangely in the front of the TV. As the London shooter states: “Every day my dude Milo would come to my flat. We’d sit there for hours talking about everything that inspired us… from music to photography […]

The Intimate Human Action of Embroidery by Maurizio Anzeri

The Italian-born, British-based Maurizio Anzeri searches out vintage portraits in flea markets or junk shops, viewing them, he says, “as landscapes on which to map out his own unique geography of suggestion.”  Sombre-looking children and sophisticated adults take on an absurdist aspect. You’ll notice that what was once a portrait is  now something else entirely: […]

“Meet Me @ Ezra Cafe!” That’s What She Said

California native, “occasional gypsy”, as he likes to say, Justin is a Boston based photographer/artist. His works have a raw, wild appeal, which put you on thoughts, some sort of naughty thoughts, but still… After all he seems like a shy guy or a very hard to find or whatever. There are about a billion coffee […]

Cultartes ‘Cinema’ Presents Friday Films by Chase Hart

“My name is Chase Hart, I like to shoot photos.” Well, this is a hell of a description. I’m not saying I don’t like those artists hiding behind their works, but, man, we are in an era of information. I’m feeling a little handicapped without info. Chase Hart is the figure behind the project named Friday […]

Shuffled Love: Chtcheglov Pinti

Chtcheglov Pinti is a photographer based in Lisbon. If we are to consider his name you wouldn’t suspect that. I personally don’t know much of his work and I have to admit that I accidentally found his portfolio. Well, I don’t like to  exaggerate with twaddle, so, if you want to see more of his works just take […]

“Don’t Look”, by Chris Devour

Chris Devour, one of our personal favorites, is going rogue, escaping virtuality with his first exhibition – ‘Don’t Look‘. Glimpses from the photographer’s beautiful new editorials (S16), as well as digital sketches, will be on display this weekend at Ristretto (Oradea, Romania). We wish him to make a huge splash with his debut event. Here are few of […]

Nikolina Petolas: “I Merge Photographs With Other Things So It Would Make Sense To Me”

Narnia meets Inception in this series of incredible photo-manipulations. Nikolina Petolas is a Croatian conceptual artist and photographer whose outwordly, mind-bending works give us a glimpse into her most deep daydreams and nightmares. She uses her own photographs and other (sometimes oddly unexpected) elements in order to modelate a world in her image. As she […]

Eco-Editorial: “Anti-Human”, by Pol Kurucz & Fernando Cozendey

Open-minded photographer Pol Kurucz captures the new collection of Brazilian fashion designer Fernando Cozendey in a chessy, extravagant visual metaphor in ‘Anti-Human’ eco-editorial – an ode to wildlife, and a doom to humans.  The Rio de Janeiro/Sao Paolo based avant-garde group known as ‘Kolor Art Collective’ (we mentioned them in a previous feature here) are releasing […]

Ilinca Straton: “I Capture One Moment Which Tells Me a Story From Every New Place I See.”

I stumbled across the impressive work of Ilinca Straton after Dark Bombastic Evening; she is a self-taught photographer based in Cluj who uses her camera to say things that words cannot. Ilinca experiments with textures, colors, space, and the solitary figure to produce photos that are unique, a style that is all her own. Hello, Ilinca! First thing off, […]

Camelia Baican: I’m Passionate About the Occult and Spirituality

Camelia Baican is a young photographer living in Vălenii de Munte. We were so impressed by her dark, intense photography with a nice touch of spirituality. Her work has a way of transporting you to another time, another place, even another world. Is it fictional or real? Well, the possibilities are endless. Find out more […]

This Is Not A Love Song, Part. XI: Wladyslaw Pawelec

This is not a love editorial. Somehow, this wants to be a sort of an introduction into another world, where, love exists, don’t worry, but, in other forms, more rudimental, more vivid, more natural, without that tricks you are seeing, daily, on TV or which airs on the Radio Station, tender and sweet and namby-pamby shity songs. To be short, we are […]

Shot by The Bradford: Exclusive, Gritty and Raw Sport Photoshoot

Amsterdam based photographer and art director Christopher Bradford (Shot by The Bradford) is a genius when it comes to capturing beauty, emotion and atmosphere. His photography journey began in 2001 and since then he’s been featured in Nakid Magazine, Sticks and Stones, Last Daze and many others magazines. Bradford is also the Creative Director of […]

New Series ”Even if This Silence is Unseen” by Daria Amaranth

Daria Amaranth is already a part of Cultartes team; she just captured a brand new series named ”Even if this silence is unseen”. Already familiar to her photos, we know she likes to portray fragile and melancholic emotions, sensual and sad feelings, disturbing and confused ones. Daria finds inspiration from everything beautiful and meaningful. This series […]

The Border of a Surreal Dreamworld and Reality by Aykut Aydogdu

I first saw Aykut Aydogdu’s images on Facebook and I was just amazed by his works. I think I felt attracted by his mysterious portrays, with a nice touch of surrealism. He’s a graphic designer and artist based in Istanbul, perfectly creating surreal and conceptual illustrations. What’s so fascinating about him is that he uses […]

IEEB7 Istorii Fabricate. “Adevăr și ficțiune în istoria recentă”

Asociația Experimental Project anunță deschiderea celei de-a 7-a ediții a Bienalei Internaționale de Gravură Experimentală (IEEB). Deschiderea va avea loc marți, 25 octombrie 2016 la Victoria Art Center (Calea Victoriei 12C, București) începând cu orele 19.00 Expoziția va fi deschisă în perioada  25 octombrie – 25 noiembrie 2016. Artiști: Ana Adamović, Ana Hoffner, Cătălin Burcea, […]

Stumble Across the Spontaneous and Intense Images of Jesse Herzog

When you have nothing to do in the morning, you should start looking for some brilliant photographers (that might as well apply just for me). After one hour of searching I stumbled across the impressive work of Jesse Herzog; a talented photographer and filmmaker based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Jesse uses 5D Mark III camera […]

Dana Tole: Varya is My Alter-Ego (Exclusive Interview and Photos)

We stumbled across the impressive work of portrait photographer Dana Tole the other day and have been scrolling ever since. Her photos are mysterious, beautifully processed and break the ordinary portrait mold in so many outstanding ways. Howdy, Dana! Tell us about yourself, when did you first started to shoot? How is your artistic style? […]

ONREPEATTT: Regular Doses of Dirty and Raw Photos

Onrepeattt is a London-based project representing, among many other things, nude neonish photography. Everything is up to the photographer’s choice, you’ll have the chance to submit your kinky, fetish-like photos and João Oliveira will publish them on his website. João is a Portuguese multidisciplinary creative, specialized on Art Direction and Visual Design, passionate with typography […]

Exclusive: “Restructured destiny” by Daria Amaranth

Daria Amaranth needs no introduction, she’s one of our favorite collaborators (read here). “Restructured destiny” is the newest series and it’s a new mysterious world Daria created. It has the same gray tone we’re used to, but it feels a little touch of Anna Danilova. Her photos are in places disturbing, I’m actually scared of […]

“Subiectiv în București” – Sneak Peek of Today’s Fresh Adult’s Potential

His name is Codruț Gașpar, but his friends call him Cody. I remember I used to make fun of him because my female dog had the same name, since at first we taught she was male. Leaving the joke aside, we were colleagues in Tonitza for four years. Initially we would skip classes together in […]

“Voyeurography & Magical Realism”: New Pictorial by Suzana Pleșca

By definition, the oxymoronic expression of magical realism “tells its stories from the perspective of people who live in our world and experience a different reality from the one we call objective”. This, along with the nice wordplay of voyeurography are the signs that predict the idea of the following pictorial. For this new photoshoot, the kinky-visioned, […]

Crina Prida is Thirsting for Balance, Thirsting for Life

I was fooling around on Pinterest, always looking for some cool clothes and fashion style. This time was different. I searched for Romanian photographers and there she was. The mysterious Crina Prida. Living in Cluj-Napoca, she adds some of this city majesty into her photos. Her mostly black and white photos are full of intensity, […]

OMFG Posters: Tomer Hanuka is the Badass Behind All the Greatest Comics

Israeli cartoonist Tomer Hanuka needs no introduction; an award- winning, New York Times best selling illustrator. His clients include Time Magazine, The New Yorker, The New York Times, Rolling Stone, MTV, Universal Pictures, Lucas Film and the like. In fact there’s very few people out there worth working for. His projects are a nice example […]

Jazzy Nights and Mysterious Murders – The Art of Dan Zollinger

The needle scratched the vinyl and the thick smoke hurts your eyes but you can’t look away from the silhouette of the creature that just walked into the bar. The neon sign outside flashed for a moment before she let the door shut, cigarette burning between her fingers, smoke tangling in her black curls. Suddenly, […]

Ivanna Ravac, “The Fairy Godmother of Having Fun” – NSFW

The word “Ravac” has more meanings, which kind of lead you to the same place.  It represents either stum dripping by itself from grapes within the winepress, clear wine which stood at low temperatures or wine obtained from mountain fruits. Maybe this description doesn’t seem significant, but for me it is a reminder of my […]

Signature Pose: Michelle de Rose Photographed by Paola Blondi

Do you remember Michelle de Rose? Well, here‘s an interview we did with Michelle about her work. She’s been photographed by Paola Blondi, an Italian photographer. Blondi loves “shooting people, little moments, feelings, emotions. All in all what life is all about.” She has built a stunning portfolio of mysterious and dramatic portraits of women, allowing viewers to interpret […]

NSFW or Can’t-Miss Illustrations by Claire Milbrath

If you’ve never visited ARDOROUS then you’re kinda missing out. Petra Collins is the maniac behind this art collective for women. But we’re not going to talk about her. Claire Milbrath (one of those women) has caught our eye, a freelance artists living in Montreal,QC. Vulgar, addicting, not safe for work, badass illustrations. Do you need […]