Bogdan Imurluc: „Art is The Mirror of Our Time and Culture!”

The most enduring and, arguably, the greatest form of fine art known to man, sculpture has played a major role in the evolution of culture. We are truly happy to highlight a Bucharest-based sculptor, Bogdan Nicolae Imurluc. He started art school early at 13 years old at the Nicolae Tonitza Fine Arts Highschool of Bucharest. […]

VSLO – The Most Complex Visual Arts Festival in Romania

In august 2010 the first edition of VSLO (Vama Under Oscar Lights) was taking place. From a simple photography festival, it became an international visual arts festival, which for one week each year, brings in Vama Veche, creators from around the world. I’ve been going every year since edition three. At first, I was just […]

Stunning And Extremely Delicate Wooden Jewelry By Manuela Marchis

We all know Manuela Marchis, vocalist at Thy Veils and Pilestra (here is an interview made by our mate Baldo). She recently started to design really stunning, lively wooden jewelry, extremely delicate and light in a way that seems too perfect for this world. Using many materials such as satin, bead, metal, textile and wood, her creations […]

The Sacred and The Profane: Chris Andrews’ Lovecraftian Nightmares

We all have dreams we wish would never end. But what if your dreams lead you to the gates of a submerged ruin, coated in algae and mysterious signs that draw you ever closer until a soft shiver coils around your ankle and drags you in the darkness. What you witness then drains your sanity […]

Maria Chirco, Photographer: “Let Your Brain Work Spontaneously”

“I don’t have the custom to delete anything”, Maria told me. She continued: “Every picture is important, every picture is part of a memory”. As I look through her free-to-browse available photo-book, I can understand why. With all the beautiful flaws and perfect captures, her amazingly curated “Viaggioattraverso” (it. “Journey Through”) is a visual diary […]

Subtle, Minimalist Design Masterpieces From Imaculatura: ‘ÎLE flottante’

Imaculatura is a Bucharest-based project created by Anca Adina Cojocaru and Irina Constantin. The two artists mix poetry, illustration, design and even performance in order to conceptualize fashion items and pieces of clothing. They started the project in 2013, “based on the usage of concepts and resources of the creative fields including graphic design, fashion […]

Wolfgang Stiller: The Matchstick Men.

What the hell is going on here? The Matchstick Men?! Is this a name of a some sort of superhero? It could be! But is not. Well, these are burned heads on life-size matches. A representation of human kind living in today’s society by German artist Wolfgang Stiller.  The Matchstick Men series got created from left over […]

Sophie Kahn and The Fragmented Women.

Sophie Kahn is probably the only artist who sees the women like a fragmented muse. She merged new technology with old to haunting effect in her sculptures of incomplete women. The absences in these figures is what makes them so arresting. The elements that are represented are death-like in their pallor and stillness. Kahn’s fragmented women give […]

Sasha Vinci. The nightmarish sculptures.

Well, well, well… What is all about? In short therms, is nothing but the human bodies. His work portrays a sense of longing, a palpable sense of a tormented soul. Ripe with emotion, his mutated figures look for a sense of belonging in the world. Sasha Vinci’s fleshy subjects seem to have skin that melts off their feet […]

Marc Perez. Shh! A Sculpture Is Trying to Talk Here.

Well, I must admit, I am not crazy, yet. I do not talk with stones or with other materials which can be the reason or the essence of an art work. So, Marc Perez. He is un grand sculpteur et peintre, as we find described in most magazines. And his artworks tell us somehow the same thing […]

This Guy Handcrafts Thrilling Medieval “Plague” Masks for An Eventual Post-Apocalyptic Era

Romanian artisan Vasilache Pavel is bringing back the horror of Middle-Ages’ ‘Black Death’ by handcrafting these creepy-ass leather masks. For those who don’t know, in the 14th century Europe, there was this epidemic – the so-called plague (or bubonic plague). The “plague doctors” who were daring to treat the diseased had to wear these scary beaked […]

In Romania There’s an Unreal Solar Tree That Provides Electricity, Light and Wi-Fi

The amazing invention is a real-size replica of an actual tree. The idea belongs to VS Technik Energy, a Romanian company with 10 years of experience in alternative energy development and it was launched as a part-project of Street Delivery X (2015). The VTree Fractal (also called ROBOTree) is a beautifully fractal-designed solar-powered prototype placed in […]

HYPERJUMP Into This LOTR-Soviet World, Because Why The Fuck Not

TUNDRA, a Russian group obsessed with audio-visual experiences created a video that keeps you frightened and amazed at the same time. The monu(mental) installation called “HYPERJUMP” consisting in 25 head light beams is sending the visitors in a journey to Hell and back. Or, you might say, to Mordor and back (23 Sauron’s eyes, right? Right?). […]

‘Fifty Logos’ or This is How Graphic Designers Erotica Must Look Like

Now get over the title. It was meant to bring you here, that’s all.  Stefan Trifan is the Owner and Creative Director of SilkEight, a Bucharest-based studio specialized in branding, graphic design and art direction, among others. Recentely, he launched a small book – Fifty Logos – where he put together every beautiful logo that […]

‘INTERSECTION’, Two Days of Contemporary Art Fusion at Halele Carol (Bucharest)

[UPDATE] Win a double invitation to the event. Find out how, here. After a first collaboration in 2013 which transformed a parking space (Ciclop Garage) into a permanent urban art gallery, Work in Progress and The re-unite at Halele Carol, Bucharest, where for two days (May 29 and 30, 2015) they will be presenting a new contemporary art and urban culture event, […]

Pump Up Your Artistic Muscles On The ‘INTERSECTION’ Teaser

The three days art event will be happening in Bucharest (Halele Carol) next month (28-30 May). INTERSECTION, a spiced mixture of contemporary art exhibitions, workshops, performances, films and DJ sets, is the “wonderkid” of Work in Progress (Romanian entity focused on contemporary artistic projects) and The RE:ART (, one of those artsy websites you can’t stop […]

Illustrator Teams Up With Craftswoman to Print His Visual Diary on Wood

The Romanian illustrator Paul Vîrlan has recently published a series of 6 illustrations that show real-life secrets. The project is called “Lucy: The Diary”, and we’ve already found out the story behind it on an interview with the artist for the 1st Issue of Cultartes Magazine (dec. 2014-jan. 2015). “Being a diary I couldn’t dare […]

Artists Reveal Gory and Beautiful Ancient-Like Heart-Shaped Jewelry Collection

Alexandru Nimurad (designer, illustrator) and Vika Tonu (jewelry-designer), two Bucharest-based Romanian artists, teamed-up and created this gorgeous collection of non-conformist traditional blouses that comes together with a special series of heart-shaped jewelry. The two-parts project is called “Untamed Skin” & “Ensemble of Broken Pieces” and it’s one of the most senseful artistic projects I’ve seen in […]

Maude White Defines Tenderness With These Unreal Paper Carvings

New York-based artist Maude White creates majestic characterizations of people, birds, leaves and any other compositions. Each detailed piece in precisely cut to reveal a unique story or message. As a papercutting artist, she loves the delicacy of paper, thing that seems quite fair to me. We know she exhibited her works at several galleries […]

Isobelle Ouzman. The Female Jesus of the Books.

Illustrator Isobelle Ouzman, it’s somehow a female Jesus for all those old, sick, forgotten books. She has the great power and inspiration to bring this books to life, again. And all this just using a lot of glue sticks, an X-Acto knife, watercolor paints, and a whole lot of love. Just like Jesus! as I […]

Rustic Turntables Made From Real Tree Trunks.

These gorgeous rustic turntables are made by Seattle-based Silvan Audio Workshop, using real tree trunks. Each turntable is equipped with parts from high end audio company Rega, with a glass platter that not only shows off the beautiful wood, but is also made for precision and speed stability. Kent Walter and his father recently started […]

Romanian Artist Combines Portraits and Still-Life Techniques in These Faceless Installations

Still-Life -A painting or drawing of an arrangement of objects, typically including fruit and flowers and objects contrasting with these in texture, such as bowls and glassware (definition by OxfordDictionaries) Alexandra Corneanu is a Romanian photographer and videographer from Iasi, who explores the psychological intimate perspectives of the visual works. She’s mostly interested in photography and installation, combining them in order to reveal the truth. “The visual art projects I approach […]

Ninart: The Art of Everything

I’ve seen Cătălina Aprofirei (Ninart) almost a year ago at Street Delivery. She was painting over a bicycle-wheeled barrel, for some reason. I still got no clue why or what was that (it looked impressive, though), but I’m sure of this: she was technically absorbed by her work. Of course, that wasn’t enough. She wanted […]

Handmade Plantable Seed March-Amulets by Atelierul de Carte

After blowing our minds with the out-of-this-world handmade paper lamps illustrating female body parts, Luminish decided to turn our very own traditional Mărțișor into a creative life-bringer. Luminish is a project of the Romanian AOM („Asociația Ordinul Manufacturierilor”) whose main purpose is to create innovative „green” design objects. The handmade paper lamps are the first […]

The „Water Mirror” Concept Makes Waves

This is definitely something I want! And I can easily assume you want one too! This seems to be an amazing, revealing, somehow an untouchable piece of work. But let me tell you something extra about this project! This incredibly realistic installation speaks for itself. Entitled Mizukagami (The Water Mirror), it was designed by Japanese […]