A Three-Minute Endurance Test: Summer’s Puke is Winter’s Delight

After eating a bunch of green beans, it’s not such a good idea to watch this animated music video. It’s definitely a three-minute endurance test. Born in Tokyo in 1990, director Sawako Kanuki worked for a porn video company, after graduating Graphic Design from Tama Art University. I honestly can’t tell what the heck she […]

Cold Void. A Film About Mental Illness as Seen Through the Eyes of Niklas Kvarforth

Man has always had a strange curiosity regarding one’s mind. The person next to you or you have feelings for makes you imagine scenarios and interpret untold stories of their human being. Niklas Kvarforth is for the metal world a special appearance. A man who always decided to show off his real face, while his […]

launmomentdat Arta, Tehnologia și Muzica se Vor Întâlni în Parc

launmomentdat este un soi de mișcare ce încearcă să îmbine, cât mai armonios cu putință, elemente artistice cât mai variate în ideea de a plasa publicul în cadrul unei experiențe mai puțin întâlnite. Plecată de la niște simple petreceri în apartament, ideea încearcă să prindă un contur ceva mai universal, acum. Ca să înțelegem mai […]

Misterul Spațiului Claustrofob. “A Somber Afternoon” de Crina Prida

Despre Crina Prida am mai scris noi câte ceva, e artistul pentru care mai găsești mereu cuvinte. Nu știi de unde îți vin, dar trebuie spuse. Azi, jurnalistul Cristian Iohan Ștefănescu, a avut atâtea cuvinte, cât o poveste, de zis. O sută de personaje pe care n-am să le mai întâlnesc vreodată. Bun venit în […]

Alira Mun’s New Song Sets You Off on a Journey of Wonder

Alira Mun is a twenty-three years old Romanian composer based in Sibiu. You might know her as a dedicated collaborator of Thy Veils. She recently introduced us her debut song “Gemma“, and from today on you can watch and replay this song’s video. About two hours ago I saw this video too, and there’s no […]

Chris Mars – the musician and visual artist of outcasts

Chris Mars’s paintings had already been bugging my mind for a while, before I actually went one step further – into searching more about him, finding out who was behind those beautifully grotesque images. His work has been exhibited in USA and Canada (please, come to Romania 🙂 ). Some of his solo exhibitions were […]

Luna actrițelor cu Andreea Vasile (II)

Actorii sunt ființe foarte aparte, psihologi care se folosesc de tipologiile și poveștile altor oameni pentru a scoate la iveală parți din ei. Nu construiesc maști, ci întregi oameni pentru a spune adevăruri care, de cele mai multe ori, sunt greu de înghițit în viața de zi cu zi. De aceea m-am gandit să fac […]

Luna actrițelor cu Mădălina Ciotea (I)

Actorii sunt ființe foarte aparte, psihologi care se folosesc de tipologiile și poveștile altor oameni pentru a scoate la iveală parți din ei. Nu construiesc maști, ci întregi oameni pentru a spune adevăruri care, de cele mai multe ori, sunt greu de înghițit în viața de zi cu zi. De aceea m-am gandit să fac […]

A Short Rant About The State of Modern Horror: “The Smiling Man” (2015)

A little girl home alone finds herself face-to-face with pure evil entices the synopsis from the little description box. I wasn’t expecting anything in particular, especially since I had previously watched a batch of horror shorts that nearly put me to sleep. I am always on the lookout for lists and recommendations for original compositions, […]

Let Faunlet’s New “Grey Magic” Video Grow in Your Head

Faunlet is a young Romanian post/alternative/darkgaze band formed in Bucharest. It’s actually a new and pretty interesting concept to me. I haven’t heard of Peter’s project till recently when he kindly contacted us in order to watch his video. What I liked the most was the gloomy, intense and powerful voice. It slowly makes you […]

Help This Artist Finish His Underground Poetic Porn Trilogy

Brief: In 2008, Romanian writer, performer and director Paul (Andrei) Stefanescu launched Qualiafilm under the name of which he would release later on his photo, video and performances projects. In 2012, he wrote and directed the motion-picture “Sleep Awake”. I’ve virtually met the guy (self-calling himself Tony Red at that time) in the autumn of 2014, […]

VSLO – The Most Complex Visual Arts Festival in Romania

In august 2010 the first edition of VSLO (Vama Under Oscar Lights) was taking place. From a simple photography festival, it became an international visual arts festival, which for one week each year, brings in Vama Veche, creators from around the world. I’ve been going every year since edition three. At first, I was just […]

Wetlands: The Grossest Movie You’ll Ever See

Based on the best-selling German novel by Charlotte Roche, Wetlands(2013) is actually a dark, comic movie about a teenage girl named Helen(Carla Juri) who considers herself “a living pussy hygiene experiment“. And this because of her suicidal mother and distant father. The problem is getting worse when she badly cuts herself shaving her butthole and […]

Sigur Rós Share Time-lapse Video For Their “Slow TV” Live Broadcast

Last month, Sigur Rós launched “Route One,” a 24-hour “slow TV” live broadcast; a trip along the entirety of Route 1, a road that circles around Iceland. So, on this year’s Summer Solstice, Reykjavikian musicians Sigur Rós drove 1332km for over 24 hours to travel the entirety of Iceland’s Route 1, also known as the Ring Road. Driving […]

Bill Domonkos Designs Haunting, Whimsically Animated Gifs

San Francisco-based filmmaker and stereoscopist Bill Domonkos creates darkly humorous animated GIFs. He resurrects photos with modern animation and creates almost completely nonsensical in subject matter and yet perfect in their execution. Domonkos’ affinity for working with vintage, black and white images adds to the curious nature of his work. Each gif is wackier than the next, presenting […]

Coldplay Have Released A Trippy, Reality-Bending Video For Their Latest Single “Up&Up.”

“Up&Up” is the third single from Coldplay‘s seventh studio album A Head Full of Dreams. It’s a surreal adventure filled with eagles flying underwater, cars circling Saturn’s rings and volcanoes spewing popcorn. The clip, co-directed by Vania Heymann and Gal Muggia, also depicts the band members as giants walking among mountains and clouds. MTV‘s UK site stated the video […]

Brittany Markert (“In Rooms”): “Photography Is My Vitality”

A couple of months ago I contacted Brittany, proposing an interview, which she agreed on right away. The incredible photographer and actress based in Brooklyn (NY) succeeded to turn off my superficial, almost childish visions of art fetishism and eroticism. Just after repeatedly reading the interview I realized how little I know, as an outsider […]

A Little Friendship Never Killed Anyone! Me And Earl And The Dying Girl (2015)

Last night I was kind of bored after many hours of work. I decided to spend as many hours as possible to find a inspiring movie, too. I’m always in the mood for drama, because I use to cry a lot watching romantic, dramatic movies. My last night choice was “Me and Earl and The […]

Watch ‘Didi’, New Video by Suzana Pleșca

Some mornings are a made just for this. Suzana Pleșca, Romanian visual artist, photographer for VICE Romania and guest on Cultartes just released a new video featuring Bucharest-based singer (Chaos Cult) and model Manuela Diana (also known as Didi or Diana M. Rose). The 2 and a half minutes video it’s a delicious treat to […]

These Pictures of Romanian Dying Cinema Buildings Will Make You Sick

In Romania people almost forgot about cinema, but this is already old news. It’s easy to Netflix and chill and even easier to Torrent and chill. The few cinema buildings still working are the ones from the malls where people don’t come for the movie. If they do, it’s because 3D or IMAX suit their […]

I Finished Watching ‘Sense8’; Who’s In For a Telepathic Orgy?

I just finished watching Sense8 yesterday. Well done Netflix, well done! *slow claps*. And I love you, Riley Blue! You’ve probably seen it already. But if you haven’t, I wrote this for you, spoilers-free. It’s damn difficult to summarize the whole TV show, due to its multiple story lines, so I’m not gonna go there. […]

The Most Anonymous Pro-Street Art Group Released Trailer for Their New Movie

This is the new trailer for the upcoming Buchawrestlers’ movie – “Buchawrestlers III“: Pretty intense, isn’t it? Nobody knows much about Buchawrestlers. Macanache, Romanian musician, says something about them at some point in a random podcast for MIC Check, a local hip-hop radio station. “Buchawrestlers, some guys who do something a little more underground than […]

ROB TV. Two Guys Create Pseudo-Television To Satirize Romanian Church

In a society where morality is measured based on how many times you make out with a mummy during lifetime, churches pop up like mushrooms after rain and the patriarch drives his fancy-ass car, wears gold and velvet while preaching about modesty, a serious movement had to happen. Eduard and Marius, the two guys from […]

 “The World Is Mine”: Love in The Time of Webcam Era

Millennial generation at its average seen through the eyes of a random girl. Money. Fame measured in Likes. Clubbing, youth and lust. Chat, webcam, selfies and betrayal. Love and cyberporn. These subjects strongly coagulate into a contemporary story about a Romanian teenage girl named Larisa (Ana Maria Guran) who craves popularity and appreciation in a […]

Extraordinary Tales. When Legends Are Back.

The legends are back, my friends! Are back from oblivion, from dusty books, legends are back from their graves.  “Extraordinary Tales” is a horror anthology that reinterpret five of Edgar Allan Poe‘s most shivery stories, each in a different style of animation. The stories to be revived  are “The Tell-Tale Heart”, “The Pit and the Pendulum”, “The […]