Enter the Magical World of Illustrator Ioana Șopov

I assume many of you know Ioana Șopov works, but I reckon I found out pretty late (yet it’s never too late) about her. Freelance illustrator and graphic designer, Ioana is currently based in Bucharest, Romania. She works both digital and traditional media and loves trying out new styles and techinques. Looking at Ioana’s illustrations […]

Flamboyant Pictures of Human-Flowers by Cao Dien

Cao Dien (Dien Vu Cao Nguyen) is a Vietnamese, USA-based young fine-artist and filmmaker whose main creative ideas are strongly connected to inner beauty and colorful appearances. The photographer is guided by two life philosophies: “beauty is not about the face” and “photography is sex”. “I bring to the act of photography all of the […]

‘Instax Girls’: Natural, Feminine Beauty Captured by Rafael Mesa

Rafael Mesa is a Valencia-based photographer and designer with a sincere passion for instant and analog photography. His interests vary from watching indie/horror movies to having smart-talks with people around him. He’s been always looking for bringing the special (or how he says, the “different”) out of the common, ordinary type of things. Mesa shows […]

A Beautifully Designed Alarm Clock Waking You Up With Freshly Brewed Coffee

Industrial designer Josh Renouf’s ‘Barisieur’ promises to literally let you wake up and smell the coffee. He combines innovative technology with thoughtful design and created an alarm clock-cum-coffee maker which allows you to greet the day over a fresh brew. The fresh coffee or tea is used as a natural aromatic relaxant throughout the night then stimulates […]

Siren Song: Jana Heidersdorf’s Art

What strikes you when you first stumble upon Jana Heidersdorf’s work is the warmth of her characters, which is probably a pretty conflicting feeling as you realize that what you are actually seeing are the twisted bodies of deep-sea creatures, mermaids that no sailor ever spoke about. Jana Heidersdorf is a German illustrator who is […]

Chilean Artist Celeste Ortiz Depicts Nature, Human Body in Bohemian Photographs

Celeste Ortiz is a photographer from San Antonio (Chile) who focuses on the unspeakable power of self-portraiture and outdoor photography. According to her self-description, the artist has quite a record. She has participated on group shows in Chile, UK, Spain, Poland, USA, Mexico, Romania and Indonesia. She also had a solo exhibitions in Valparaiso (Chile) […]

Featured Artist: Eszter Polyák “All of us are Aliens.”

Eszter Polyák is a fashion designer, who had the chance in 2012 to spend her summer in Florida; and so it has started her interest in fashion design. After spending precious time in the USA, she found herself drawing extreme designs of dresses. Eszter’ first collection is called “Frst Cllctn“  inspired by her foreign experiences, dreams and […]

Stunning And Extremely Delicate Wooden Jewelry By Manuela Marchis

We all know Manuela Marchis, vocalist at Thy Veils and Pilestra (here is an interview made by our mate Baldo). She recently started to design really stunning, lively wooden jewelry, extremely delicate and light in a way that seems too perfect for this world. Using many materials such as satin, bead, metal, textile and wood, her creations […]

Fresh, Conceptual Portraits of Teenagers by Hassie M.

So many young, talented photographers out there recently! They pop up every day! It feels like trying to behead a Hydra, just to let other two new heads to grow instead; when you think you’ve seen most of them artists, another dozen with new vision appear! You can say a lot about technology and its bad […]

Dennis Auburn Takes Cosmic Psychedelic Portraits

While looking for some inspirational photos on Pinterest, I saw Dennis Auburn‘s photos and I was completely amazed. Born in Mons, Belgium and grew up in Missouri, USA, he currently resides in Houston, Texas where he is a freelance photographer, who allows his wanderlust to take him where it pleases. The series, titled “Aura” features […]

Asylum: Inside the Closed World of State Mental Hospitals

Christopher Payne specializes in architectural photography and the large format documentation of America’s industrial heritage. Trained as an architect, he is fascinated by design, assembly, and the built form.  Asylum: Inside the Closed World of State Mental Hospitals (MIT Press, 2009)  was the result of a seven-year survey of America’s vast and largely shuttered state […]

Pierce My Skin. The Boldest Beauty Statement

You know what we have’t done yet?! A collection of the weirdest, yet most beutiful piercings or jewels or whatever they are. It’s time to celebrate the ferocity of spirit and experience the exotic essence of facial jewelry. From Salomè back in ’72 to Givenchy, Chanel, Dries van Noten or Rodarte many photographs were inspired […]

Paul Kurucz’s Provocative Photography Challenges Our Views on Gender, Religion, Race

In 2015, the Franco-Hungarian stage director Paul Kurucz moved to Rio de Janeiro. He established there the Kolor art collective as a creative base organizing “nonconformist art events and photo shootings in Brasil”. Kolor was firstly founded by the same artist in Budapest (Hungary) back in 2011, but the relocation of the project was kind […]

Livia Fălcaru And Her Bizarre Representations Of The Human Psyche

Joining our collection of artists with amazing works is the Romanian artist Livia Fălcaru. Bucharest- based, she is currently studying graphic design and she’s mainly focused on illustration. Livia has found her niche’ within the artworld by focusing her talents on creating works in the idea of finding beauty where no one else can. I […]

Monty Kaplan: Dial N For Naked

Javier Kaplan a.k.a Monty Kaplan is a filmmaker and photographer from Argentina. He is currently based in the sunny damn hot Miami. One thing we know for sure about him is that he hates Dj’s. “The ‘Monty’ is, mysterious. A small man in a suit and bow tie would always come in and ask everyone […]

Watch ‘Didi’, New Video by Suzana Pleșca

Some mornings are a made just for this. Suzana Pleșca, Romanian visual artist, photographer for VICE Romania and guest on Cultartes just released a new video featuring Bucharest-based singer (Chaos Cult) and model Manuela Diana (also known as Didi or Diana M. Rose). The 2 and a half minutes video it’s a delicious treat to […]

Cultartes Features: The Feminist, Ero-Neurotic Illustrations of Savage Slit

Savage Slit is the alter-ego of a 32-years old French graphic designer and illustrator with a disposition to sex, death and the connection between them. Most of the time she chooses to change the technique, the style or the perspective used for drawing. That’s why almost every series seems to be drawn by someone else. […]

Fanny Latour-Lambert Is Doing Her Own Thing and Doing It Outstanding

Fanny is one of those artist whose career and life continues to inspire. She discovered photography at 14, and begins with his little brother as a model. Passionate by nature, Fanny already showed us that insects and other creatures are part of her life. “I’ve always been interested in people. I remember me choosing my […]

Autodiscipline Wearable Jewellery by Oleksandra Gerasymchuk

The French designer created the most uncomfortable, bizzare, yet amazing jewellery ever! In order to start a discussion on beauty and discomfort,  Gerasymchuk designed a series of accessories  so that the wearer must adopt a certain position, often stiff and straight, in order to wear it correctly. Each piece from this project of three interacts with the body […]

“Amalgama” – Ultima pasăre Phoenix a Ioanei Diacu

Am început să colaborez cu Ioana, de când i-am fost model pentru proiectul gotic-punk “Eclipse of The Moon”, fotografiat de Cristian Crisbășan. Rochiile pe care le-a făcut atunci, au fost exact pe gustul meu, dat fiind că mie-mi plac chestiile dark, gotice, punk și metal. Am mai avut ocazia să ne ciocnim și în alte […]

Cultartes Features: The Striking, Elaborate Photography of Szilagyi Edi

Szilagyi Edi (Edd Myspys) is a Romania-based photographer from Cluj-Napoca, whose artworks (photography, digital collages, photo-manipulations) depict strong emotions and capture raw feelings like melancholia or depression. His anonymous models – silent alchemists of the darkness – scratch the viewer’s mind in a long-lasting way, almost like permanent scars on the brain. “The passion for photography was […]

These Pictures of a Carbonized-Like Model Are Fucking Gorgeous

Romanian photographer Adrian Anechitoaie, model Saga Sux (Ana-Maria Fulga), make-up artist Yona Mogan and visual artist Andreea Macovei teamed up for a stunning photoshoot for PAVOT Gallery. The product campaign – fashion related, most likely – is not released yet, so we can’t assume much about it. All we’ve got are some visual pearls, used […]

Obie Platon’s ‘Humanutopia’ Exposes the Flaws of Contemporary Society

Obie Platon is a Romanian visual artist whose murals, canvases, sculptures and installations give you a one-way ticket to Illuminati-ville. He mixes in an original manner the platonic philosophy and geometry with the local popular imagery and beliefs in order to reveal the human moral skeleton in all its negative splendor. The new project called […]

Subtle, Minimalist Design Masterpieces From Imaculatura: ‘ÎLE flottante’

Imaculatura is a Bucharest-based project created by Anca Adina Cojocaru and Irina Constantin. The two artists mix poetry, illustration, design and even performance in order to conceptualize fashion items and pieces of clothing. They started the project in 2013, “based on the usage of concepts and resources of the creative fields including graphic design, fashion […]

Illustrator Embeds Geometric Shapes in Her Drawings for The Sake of Fun

Elena Greta Apostol (26) is a Romanian illustrator, designer and art director with a simple passion for cheeky girls. The only difference is that, unlike the rest of us, she draws them. And not in a erotic manner, but in a cute one, gracefully combining features of traditional native appearances and bohemian French attitude. Her artworks […]

X Platform’s 2nd Edition – Open Call for Young Visual and Multimedia Artists

4Culture Association in co-production with Tangaj Dance, WASP – Working Art Space and Production and Life Long Burning launch the 2nd edition of X Platform, a residency program dedicated to the new generation of visual artists across Europe that supports the research and the production of interactive, new and trans-media projects. The first edition of […]

Vlad Harabagiu’s Portraits of Classic Superheroes and Villains Are Spot On

Vlad Harabagiu is a Romania-based freelance artist from Iasi. His artworks subjects cover digital and traditional portraiture, most of them inspired by the fantasy universe, comic-books and cartoons. His unconventional ‘derps’ (as he calls his drawings) are wrapped in this strange villany attitude, with a touch of fun and mysterious atmosphere. Some of his portraits can be […]

Thorns-Sunglasses: The Ultimate and (Probably) The Coolest Accessory Ever

Alexandru Racu (RAACU), Romanian photographer, guest on Cultartes, pop-artist, hyperrealist painter and now inventor, came up recently with this piece of badass, painful-to-look-at sunglasses. And now he’s wearing them to make us hate his guts. The unexpected accessory has been created using a pair of recycled sunglasses, with a final touch of hardcore perfection: thorns. […]