‘Inspiration is like a wayward muse’: An Interview with Fashion Designer Isabelle Vijiac

From the start, fashion designer Isabelle Vijiiac proved that bringing together simplicity, contemporarry design and experimental forms makes for huge succes in Romanian fashion industry. Her line built on her signature aesthetic of bold, dreamy colors and stunning proportions creating feminine, classic and sexy designs. Isabelle’s dresses have become her […]

Interview with Stein Roger Sordal of Green Carnation

Green Carnation is a progressive metal band from Kristiansand, Norway formed in 1990; both precede and are a natural successor of experimental/avant-garde group In the Woods…. You will have the opportunity to see the band on SoundArt Festival in Bucharest, this march and for more about their upcoming album pr […]

Video: Cultartes Goes Behind The Scenes of Andreea Andrei’s Exhibition in London

From 17th to 22nd January, Camden Image Gallery in London presented an exhibition of works on Polaroid, analog photography and digital prints by Andreea Andrei. The central feature of “Scattered Dreams” is a previously unseen display of photographs taken by the artist. The exhibition highlighted Andreea’s unwavering pursuit of Polaroid photography -her continuous […]

A Conversation With Natalia Drepina: On Music, Photography and Death

Natalia Drepina is no stranger to writing and photographing about melancholic, dark topics, but with every song and image, Natalia shines a light into the deepest recesses of our fears: about loneliness and death. If you’ve been following us here at Cultartes, you may have seen her ethereal work before. […]

A Moment with Actress Diana Sar by Eliza Lupu

Take a deep breath and enjoy the work of Bucharest-based photographer Eliza Lupu who finally returns on Cultartes with a new fabulous photo series. Predominated by mainly editorial, fashion and experimental photography, the young artist does a good job at capturing the female anatomy and the underground lifestyle. She always […]