Camelia Baican: I’m Passionate About the Occult and Spirituality

Camelia Baican is a young photographer living in Vălenii de Munte. We were so impressed by her dark, intense photography with a nice touch of spirituality. Her work has a way of transporting you to another time, another place, even another world. Is it fictional or real? Well, the possibilities are endless. Find out more about her style on the following interview. 

Hello, Camelia! Tell us more about yourself, when did you first started to photograph and why did you felt this way?

Hey! I’m Camelia Baican. Always I was obsessed to make pictures, even when I was a kid. I’ve always felt drawn of photography. I’m always trying to convey something that can’t be conveyed…to explain something inexplicable, to tell about something I only feel in my bones and which can only be experienced in those bones.

How would you describe your style? Are you self-taught, or do you have formal training as an artist?

My artistic style isn’t too defined yet because I’m a beginner, but I’m towards fine photography. I’m self-taught, I want to learn as much as possible about post-processing technique.

What is your favorite part of being an artist?

For me photography means peace and escape. Photography is the place I like to call my shelter, my inner world where I can connect to my deepest feelings.

How important is Post-Processing to your works?

It’s important, but I want to learn as much as possible about post-processing technique.

Take me through your journey into fine art. What is your background and how did you find yourself at the place you currently inhabit artistically?

I never thought I will ever make fine photography. It was all natural, I headed to this style easily without to realize. I tried other photographic styles, I wasn’t fit. Fine photography is for me.

I’m passionate about the occult and spirituality.

What draws you to dark, intense, and highly emotional imagery?

My intense feelings. When I don’t have an intense feeling, my photos it’s without a story, with nothing emotional.

Is there a specific philosophy or worldview underlying your work?

Yes, I think the philosophy of photography is always required. In my work the philosophy it’s about life, sadness, blocking in yourself.

Can you speak on your relationship with alchemy, the occult, and spirituality? In terms of the techniques that you use, do you feel the imperfections in your photos are the result of a real mystical phenomenon?

I’m passionate about the occult and spirituality. I love to read about these things, it’s all a mystery. And when I saw my pictures, I was shocked. I don’t know if there was something mystical, always will remain a mystery, and for me.

What contemporary artists still working and creating inspire you?

Hmm… Some of the artists that I really like are Laura Makabresku, Aëla Labbé, Roberto De Mitri, Natalia Drepina, Andreea Cioca (senzoriaal), Oana Stoian, Irina Joanne, Tatiana Volontir, Sophie Fontaine, Katia Chausheva, Abril Peiretti.

How do people react to your photographs? What sort of feedback do you get?

Hihi, normal people are a little scared of my pictures. They think that in my photos are truly kindred spirits. (smile)

Check out her work on: DeviantART/ Flickr

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