Breathtaking Double-Exposures With A Feminine Touch by Miki Takahashi

Miki Takahashi is a Japanese designer, photographer, and filmmaker. Her projects have focused on creating layered portraits around distinct themes, such as ‘Smoke’ and ‘Nature’. Using a combination of digital manipulation and double exposure photography, she creates tension between the two realities she’s portraying. Although the person is presumably the main subject of the portrait, the second element–whether it be flowers, smoke tendrils, or geometric shapes–catches your attention just as readily. The result is a surreal style of art that is intriguing as well as beautiful.

Through double exposure, the Tokyo-based artist allows portraits of herself to reveal her inner feelings. The images are full of emotional depth and profound aesthetic sensitivity. Because we only half recognise the face of the young woman, the effect is particularly mysterious.

All images (c) Miki Takahashi


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