“Break the Ice” (Short-Film) – The Threatening Endearments of The Fruit-Woman

Let me just tell you that: peeling off a kiwi or an orange has never been more sensual and nasty at the same time.

The new short-film (and the first one, as I reckon) created by Larissa Danilov (aka Lefko Witz) it’s all about the old analogy between woman and Nature. Her hair-shake is the wind, her breath is the waving ocean. The Romanian Iasi-based artist goes deeper than that, leaving the Nature concept behind, in favor of the Fruit, as the central nature symbol. This is how the Fruit-Woman has been born.

The project has been filmed in Meru, with some professional help from Al Visuals. The 3 minutes movie is structured as a fluent story, with some visual foreplay instead of introduction, fruits smashing and skin showing instead of content, and violently tearing that poor nectarine apart instead of climax. Or denouement. Also, that ice breaking scene is nothing more than a cute threat. “I won’t break your bones; I’ll break your heart instead… more effective!”.

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It doesn’t surprise me the creators chose to emphasize the bad fruits instead of the fresh ones. Lefko Witz is well known for her baudelairian fleur du mal taste. And, with all that being said, the metaphor is quite simple. The biblical Forbidden-Fruit is no longer forbidden. Oh, and it’s no longer an apple, it’s actually a cherry. That “cherry” the film questions about is simply put on our plate. Oh, come oooon. You know what cherry!

“Pop my cherry?”, she asks. Don’t know; may I?

Enjoy this small portion of morning tutti-frutti horniness:

//Break the ice// from Lefko Witz on Vimeo.

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