This is a project representing the fragments of conversations which my brain has recorded, during different encounters which I decided to write down. 

I find it fascinating how even if you hear a lot of random things at once, your brain automatically records them into a logic order, so it can be perceived as a story. Your brain recognizes and creates memories through stories, more exactly, your thinking is structured on the stories of the things you’ve been through.

That’s how your brain avoids nonsense, how you misunderstand things, but also how you can create texts full of sense, without any voluntary creative process.

So, this is what “Brain Records” is; the story of human encounter, human communication, socialization. The story of all of them together as a whole. A story told from the subjectivity and logical storytelling ordering process of my brain.

I don’t think this is art, not necessarily, I don’t label it as a possible form of art either. I just think it’s really interesting to document real communication in the era of smartphones.


I will come to die!
Vreau sa desenez!
Iar ai intrat in moodul
Death marches.

Rise! Mega Kill!
Ce ai zis ultimul lucru?
Nu stiu… Kryptonice is unstoppable la la la,
Wicked sick – I’m fantastic.
This will help you,
Le cui!
No rest…
Nu stiu ce sa-mi fac.
Yes! The Death Prophet Rotting!
Ce tare!
O sa-ti arat.
I have to cut it,
Niciodata unde trebuie.
De ce razi? Ai facut o caricatura?
My will is warded there, remember?
I’m under attack!
Omg! Can you stun the fucking bitch?!
You won’t be free.
Ok, Alin?
Ce faci acolo, you annoying!
Stai acolo si razi singura ca esti artista!

Definitely nu ne mai uitam la American Horror Story!

Double kill!
Is it done yet?
I was meant to have this!
Le cui?
Il mai vrei?
Death sings, no mercy!
Take it! Liber, Alin!
Stai asa, mor!
At least I died with a purpose…
Mama, da scrii nene, nu gluma!
The dirge goes on,

(“0.5 L DOTA”)

Photo via Alexandra’s InstagramYou can also follow her on her Website.

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Bucharest-based artist. Psychedelic photographer, brain-scratching writer / poetess and priestess of the macabre.