Brain Records by Alexandra Crisbășan (XII)

“This is a project representing the fragments of conversations which my brain has recorded, during different encounters which I decided to write down. […] So, this is what “Brain Records” is; the story of human encounter, human communication, socialization. The story of all of them together as a whole. A story told from the subjectivity and logical storytelling ordering process of my brain.

I don’t think this is art, not necessarily, I don’t label it as a possible form of art either. I just think it’s really interesting to document real communication in the era of smartphones.”


Too Clean

Cel mai prost din echipă,
Ajutați-mă, mă coaie!
Nimic, vorbeam singură…
Încă unul, de ce?!
Did you plan this?!
They won’t rock it better.
I can’t fucking believe it!
Ăștia întreabă ceva:
Vrei să ne uităm la ceva?
Nu l-am văzut.
Aici era, Pathetic Baby!
Vrei acum să fumezi…
Everything I’ve sacrificed for us!
M-am enervat rău de tot!
Split second, Life from Death.
Sper să-l nimerească!
Săraca, dar a avut încredere așa de ușor…
Ia să mă uit și eu.
I’m sorry my love,
The doctor never came!
Uite că nu a omorât-o, nu a avut coaie.
Did you get some fresh air?
Read it out loud so I know it’s real,
Know what it feels like to be!
It’s like having Tuberculosis in the desert!
You gonna finish that, sau…?
De ce te-ai apucat de una la 2 dimineața?
N-am avut timp…
Vreau să sting lumina,
Mă doare capul, mă dor ochii!
Mai am puțin…
Why don’t they know my heart?!
Nu mă enerva!
I’ll tell you one thing,
If I found out you were lying:
Make a wish!
Mă duc să pun altul.
Stop trying to ruin everything!
Ce țânc prost și răsfățat!
Come as you are, as you were…
E musai acum, așa mi-am propus.
No, I don’t have a gun.
Subtitrare decalată rău, toate sunt așa.
You misunderstood, she helped us.
The fine things in life.

Photo via Alexandra’s Instagram. You can also follow her on her Website.

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Bucharest-based artist. Psychedelic photographer, brain-scratching writer / poetess and priestess of the macabre.

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