Brain Records by Alexandra Crisbășan (XLIX)

“This is a project representing the fragments of conversations which my brain has recorded, during different encounters which I decided to write down. […] So, this is what “Brain Records” is; the story of human encounter, human communication, socialization. The story of all of them together as a whole. A story told from the subjectivity and logical storytelling ordering process of my brain.

I don’t think this is art, not necessarily, I don’t label it as a possible form of art either. I just think it’s really interesting to document real communication in the era of smartphones.”


Muci +

Suflami-aș mucii pe tine!
Mi-am mușcat limba!
Dă să pup să treacă *married guy to married woman*
Ce zodie ești?
Fecioară – ai față de fecioară!
Would you go to the left where nothing is right?
Or to the right where nothing is left?
Be my bitch!
Abracadabra – Avada Kedavra
Mă-ta te bate, mă-ta-ți dă.
Nothing weird aici, am încercat
Să prind o bucată de brânză cu pula.
Ce citesc ginecologii?
Pe buze.
Ia, aprinde-l și omoară-l.
Am încercat să arunc firimiturile la gunoi
Cu tot cu tine?
Little girl, little girl why are you crying.
Pe la 12-1 mi-am luat black out
La Christmas party
M-am trezit cu 2 dinți sparți
But the very next day, vodka came my way
This year, I’ll just say cheers,
And drink till’ I feel special
Fuck you and your whole fucking forest family,
All the beavers will fuck your tree mother!
Caută “iluminațiile”
My stripper name is, Black Nut Biscuit.
De ce a simțit că soră-sa are ceva sub chiloți?
I put the CUR in CURsuri.
Îmi place să-mi dezamăgesc mama.
The bass drops harder than my grades!
Vinu’ se trage prin cozonac
Așa cum spirtu’ se trage prin pâine!
Please do not annoy the writer,
She may put you in the book and kill you. 🙂
O să-ți fie grea viața cu mine
Dacă tu vrei să stai doar dezbrăcată prin casă.
Vine mătușa aseară la mine:
“Elena, ai stat toată ziua pe laptop, mai lasă-l,
Uită-te la TV sau ieși afară!”
You’re disturbed
You got what you signed for
…And a lot more.

Photo via Alexandra’s InstagramYou can also follow her on her Website.

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Bucharest-based artist. Psychedelic photographer, brain-scratching writer / poetess and priestess of the macabre.

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