brain records

“This is a project representing the fragments of conversations which my brain has recorded, during different encounters which I decided to write down. […] So, this is what “Brain Records” is; the story of human encounter, human communication, socialization. The story of all of them together as a whole. A story told from the subjectivity and logical storytelling ordering process of my brain.

I don’t think this is art, not necessarily, I don’t label it as a possible form of art either. I just think it’s really interesting to document real communication in the era of smartphones.”



If you don’t sign an artwork and don’t do PR,
No one gives a shit.
Atâta cocaină în lume și voi stați cu nasul în treburile mele 😎
Cum numeri spermatozoizii dintr-un coi?
Sugi pula și împarți la doi.
Y’all taking on work for less than minimum wage
Making it harder for all of us to find jobs,
But I can’t get commissions
That pay for like one meal for a day’s worth of work.
I am the widow maker!
“The area dividing the brain and the soul
Is affected in many ways by experience.
Some lose all mind and become soul: insane.
Some lose all soul and become mind: intellectual.
Some lose both and become: accepted.”
Gând de duminică:
Nici oamenii nu mai sunt ce au fost!
Îmi vedeam profesoara de două ori mai repede,
Dar o auzeam de două ori mai târziu!
Don’t you feel something’s gonna happen if you keep stealing?
Like in the in the afterlife? – like jail.
Do you believe in the afterlife?
All I know is there I more than I know.
Ce-mi plac bărbații care încearcă
Să mă convingă ce mișto e să ai copii
În timp ce beau bere cu mine la terasă.
Orice sfânt are un trecut și orice păcătos are un viitor.
Being in love is being hungry
Love is cooking for the other.
Familia este atunci când
Sângele nu trebuie să curgă ca oamenii să rămână.
Sunt de acord cu orice nu sunt obligat să fiu de acord.
It’s like they are 3 beers too intimate.
Am supraviețuit 19 secole fără cultură,
Deci putem să o facem în continuare.
Nu există meserie din care să câștigi garantat
O pâine mai albă!
But who am I to me?
Fat, single and ready for a pringle.
Too many guys think I am a concept
Or I complete them or make them feel alive.
*this line was the victim of censorship*
Don’t you hate when that happens?
Looking for my own peace of mind.
Photo via Alexandra’s InstagramYou can also follow her on her Website.
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Bucharest-based artist. Psychedelic photographer, brain-scratching writer / poetess and priestess of the macabre.