Brain Records, By Alexandra Crisbășan (IV)

“This is a project representing the fragments of conversations which my brain has recorded, during different encounters which I decided to write down. […] So, this is what “Brain Records” is; the story of human encounter, human communication, socialization. The story of all of them together as a whole. A story told from the subjectivity and logical storytelling ordering process of my brain.

I don’t think this is art, not necessarily, I don’t label it as a possible form of art either. I just think it’s really interesting to document real communication in the era of smartphones.



Ma enerveaza!
Sunt niste lupte…
Aoleu, saraca!
Good grief.
Ce fata are, WTF?!
Porcul ala…
Honestly, how about saying something good for once?
Sa te vad cumm scrii in Japoneza!
Si nu e oricine, not a single one of them!
The Holy Knights.
Astept sa scrie ceva…
Aveam poza cu WANTED.
Pai de Trompi.
Who are you?
E o pizda in armura!
Fii atent, e cam buna pizda asta!
Hahaha, where am I?
Ce introducere!
Still looks authentic!
Ce dubios arata!
Fata de porc cu picioare.
Stai sa vezi!
It’s bad right?
Ce s-a speriat!
Well, it’s one in my pants!
A bar on top of this hill, lol!
They were killed in an instant…
Dar tu de ce nu zici nimic?!
Sa mananci penis!
The observer…
Vezi cat spatiu mai ai liber!
Mia Kalifa, fata de tras palme!
The Fappening, din toate meciurile!
Nunta si botez,
Iti palpaie.
Cat are?
Sa ma pis!
You brat!
Ce handicapat, doesn’t give a fuck!
What’s wrong?
She’s gone, l-a omorat.

Photo via Alexandra’s InstagramYou can also follow her on her Website.

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Bucharest-based artist. Psychedelic photographer, brain-scratching writer / poetess and priestess of the macabre.

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