Bogdan Dullsky and The Purest Form of Photography

You might be familiar with the famous Russian experimentalist Bogdan Dullsky (responsible for the Quest Room Project). There are many sounds in his music, they come and go; it looks like he’s trying to transform these sounds into outstanding photos.

Modern black and white photography at its best is art, and it seems to me that Bogdan Dullsky regards it as the purest form of photography. After I first saw his images it’s like I learned how to see the world in monochrome, the shapes and forms are stunningly beautiful and the lightning is pretty soft. Here comes the textures, they look great in black and white. While Bogdan’s photos are incredibly melancholic, there’s something about these compositions that just draws me in. I believe black and white has a strong place in expressing his emotions and feelings. His work is a tornado, a constant motion, he chooses his model carefully creating a dark, surreal world. It’s a continuous tension, expressed in a dramatic, yet concrete manner. It just allows you to take the photo for granted, by removing colour he brings out the hidden details.

Once I had a terrible dream. Both simultaneously grandiose and beautiful. The whole year I have spent attempting to reproduce landscapes of the spiritual world behind the looking glass, in a sound. (Source)

All images: (c) Bogdan Dullsky

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