Bogdan Botas’s Funny, Cute Illustrations Are Based on Romanian Daily Life Struggles

Bogdan Botas is a young photographer which we interviewed a while ago (here), but his new project has nothing to do with those touching portraits we were used to seeing. Just when I though Bogdan has done it all, he proved me wrong. He creates funny illustration based on a daily life as a Romanian. You must have watch at least one British dark, yet cute comedy that got stuck in your head. Well, it’s pretty much the same with Bogdan’s humor.
In addition to these jokes, he draws powerful, cohesive sketches that kinda surprises our innocence as a nation. Bogdan pretty much laughs about everything, from politics, to clothes or some Romanian sayings. He finds comedy where we never consider there is.

While he admitted he’s afraid of cockroaches and zacuscă (the best vegetable bread spread ever if you might ask), he’s not afraid to make us laugh in this rather poor period. So take your time to discover his illustration and keep following his artist page so you can see more.

„Missing the super-super-super sweet watermelons.”

„I would put Dragnea in prison for you.” Liviu Dragnea is a Romanian corrupt politician.

„I love you like chavs love thick chains.”

„I only have money for cigarettes.”

„It’s autumn, please cover your ankles.”

„Screaming clothes” a Romanian phrase for kitsch.

„The bug that used to sit super dandy and relaxed over my bed, at the student dormitory, his name was Felix.”

„My neurons, when I watch „Bravo, ai stil!” (A romanian „fashion” show.)

Cover photo: „Hold me tight in your arms, love me, that’s what I want, that’s what I want.” – Lyrics from a romanian song by the band Bosquit, drawing inspired by the sculpture „Sărutul” (The Kiss), by Brâncuși. (left)

„You’re a galaxy of kitsch.” (right)

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