“In the Blue Dress”, by Lena Osmolovska

Jelena Osmolovska is a 33 years old photographer from Latvia who talks about innocence, solitude and delicacy via refreshing and eye-catching artworks. According to the self-taught artist, photography itself is nothing but an ample reflection of thoughts, situations and experiences that have deeply changed her.

In the new photographic series, “In the Blue Dress”, Lena succeeds in smoothly combining elements of Mother nature with those of human nature, getting them to bond an intimacy like no other, considering that “any human being can be himself only in a setting of nature!”, as she says. That Röyksopp’s What Else is There is just a bonus.

Nature will never judge.

The photographer explains: “The series [In the Blue Dress] is about the revelation of the human soul with nature. Nature will never judge. Sometimes you just need to have that moment of loneliness with the nature to understand your own being”.

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