“The Black Glove”, a Touch of Pure Sex Art

I invite you to taste a world of erotic fetishistic classical movies where elegance never leaves sexuality, not even in the most explicit scenes. A world where art is elevated to the highest standards, in a shattering contrast with images meant to shock.

Maria Beatty brings Venezuela’s fires on extreme scenes in her movies, The Black Glove not being an exception from this rule: it’s a noir expressionist erotic film dating from 1997, literally excruciating. Lesbian Fetishism certainly has much to gain from this representation. This is what I would call the climax of a thrill experienced by… two women. The kink world and aestheticism are entangled in some fiery sex acts in this movie.

A velvet touch makes the connection between a black and white world of suspense and the sadomasochism between two pairs of eyes. Two women dancing in a game of domination and submission in a vintage setting, accompanied by a melodic gasp of pain that merges with pleasure.

The Black Glove, a Touch of Pure Sex Art

Half an hour of pure art. A letter of torture drawn on the body of the long forgotten innocence, marked with a phallic wax seal applied between the thighs of the one who endures.

To say it was an orgasmic film for me to watch would be too little. It is simply a masterpiece in the representation of female sexuality. An ecstatic journey guided by the black glove of the deepest and hidden desires. This film captivates you from the first to the last second, giving you the chills in every scene.

I invite you to join Maria in a game of genuine sensation play, which is just too rare nowadays in the cinematographic works for adults! You will not regret it.

Guest-Author: Andreea Livia Lupșa

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