Bill Domonkos Designs Haunting, Whimsically Animated Gifs

San Francisco-based filmmaker and stereoscopist Bill Domonkos creates darkly humorous animated GIFs. He resurrects photos with modern animation and creates almost completely nonsensical in subject matter and yet perfect in their execution. Domonkos’ affinity for working with vintage, black and white images adds to the curious nature of his work. Each gif is wackier than the next, presenting a wild scene clearly accomplished with digital editing and special effects.


“I experiment by combining, altering, editing and reassembling using digital technology, special effects and animation to create a new kind of experience. I am interested in the poetics of time and space—to renew and transform materials, experiences and ideas. The extraordinary thing about cinema is its ability to suggest the ineffable—it is this elusive, dreamlike quality that informs my work.”

The artist said he found the inspiration for his latest work in a pigeon illustration from the 1906 book, A Text-Book of Human Physiology which followed the destruction of the semicircular canals of the pigeon.

Bill uses many of the same techniques for much longer films, many of which have been shown in galleries and festivals around the world. 

“I find Adobe After Effects and Photoshop indispensable when combining multiple assets into a GIF.”

All images (c) Bill Domonkos

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