Behemoth’s Vocalist is Carelessly Provoking Our Subconscious

Me and That Man. Sounds like you wouldn’t think a lot about the name, doesn’t it? Well yeah, it’s spontaneous. Even the idea of it, how it started to be produced and how it’s getting shaped.

Me and That Man is a project started by Nergal, the vocalist of Behemoth, in collaboration with John Porter, the polish rock icon, in which he merely follows his interests and passions in a pretty provocative way. There are differences between the project he started and the band he’s been part of. The songs are more reflective and show different kinds of emotions, just not in that aggressive way. Still, the theme, topic and music video of each song have the same power due to his honesty and and the fact that he gets naked for every song, showing more of his own identity.

Closed eyes, Opened soul. That’s where the magic starts, right?

So the guy easily takes you somewhere else and starts fucking with your mind. It’s kinda deforming your ideas and views on religion, love and death, like the album is called, “Songs of Love and Death”. Magdalene, the newest song out, is really questioning how much are we willing to sacrifice and do for the illusions formed in our head and how we get so used to it, we finally love it. It’s a rebellious piece of art, that plays with religious beliefs in a pretty provocative way. But Nergal makes it blasphemous almost just for the sake of it. He’s having fun.

“It’s my idea, I brought it alive. You don’t have to like it and I don’t expect people to like it, but respect that, because it’s coherent with my nature” he says, letting the majority know he’s proud of it, loving it and he doesn’t give a fuck.

So let’s respect his honest, spontaneous soul, his serious work on his singing voice and let him fuck a little bit more with our conceptions, taking a walk through those ideas of our bearded “lover”, Jesus, with the irony included.

“If I call your name
Will you always fall on knees,
If I call your name
Will you always follow me?”

Let’s follow him and enjoy this piece: 

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