Bruno Maric is a photographer based between New York and Los Angeles, an artist “in love with faces, bodies, hearts and minds”. His portfolio consists mainly in portraits, an exclusive feminine side, in a perpetual try to capture as much expression as possible.

His obsession with female portraiture is one of the reasons that determined Bruno to even come up with a printed magazine dedicated exclusively to female beauty. “Portraits of Girls”, he says, “focuses on the natural beauty and sex appeal of top and up-and-coming models alike. Lasting value is at the forefront. Film is alive and well. Classic and timeless images are forever celebrated”.

11 hand-picked photographers from all over the world were selected by Bruno Maric for the first print issue, that consists in nothing else than printed “portraits of girls”, nicely coagulated into a book. No advertisement, no text whatsoever.

He explains for Cultartes Mag.: “I’ve always thought it super important that people, especially younger generations, don’t allow themselves to get lost in viewing photography exclusively on backlit screens. I figure that holding and immersing yourself in a paper magazine or a book, something tangible, is an experience in an of itself and one to value as the modern societies of the world continue to move ahead technologically.”

Beauty looks better on paper, ain’t it?

Check Bruno’s portfolio here. You can support POG by purchasing or donating via Patreon.

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