We wrote about Antonio Paradiso every time we had the chance to. This time he has decided to exhibit his photographs in Futurismo Elettronico Tribale: Mumdance | Milano Digital Week event and he has our full support. This also comes hand in hand with our “Fuck your standards!” motto, since it’s the concept behind this project. Between a myriad of errors and glitches Antonio Paradiso aka BADTHROWUP has selected a medley of streets, faces and shadows to represent the meaning of Raw Photography. 

Street photography is often criticized about its simplicity and minimalist aspect; yet it’s usually about approach and attitude and it sure depends on how the photographer spontaneously captures things. Antonio’s work just completes this shadowy scenario: “From Berlin to Torre Pietra the canons of photography leave room for alterations of color, grain and Hard Core vibrations.

Friday, March 16, FUTURISMO ELETTRONICO TRIBALE presents the waves of instrumental grime and will gather musicians such as: MUMDANCEE ( XL Recordings – Different Circles, UK), Lobo Soundsystem , ÆQUAL live and many others. The organizers’ goal is to start a program of creative, entertaining training activities as well as offering job opportunities. Their areas are linked to the production and cultural promotion, regeneration of urban spaces, street education, street art and contemporary dance.

All images were printed for the exhibition.

More details on the event page.

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