Autodiscipline Wearable Jewellery by Oleksandra Gerasymchuk

The French designer created the most uncomfortable, bizzare, yet amazing jewellery ever! In order to start a discussion on beauty and discomfort,  Gerasymchuk designed a series of accessories  so that the wearer must adopt a certain position, often stiff and straight, in order to wear it correctly. Each piece from this project of three interacts with the body in it’s own particular way. For instance, the golden outline piece remains in equilibrium in the ears and accentuates one’s head’s movements.

As she explains on her Behance page: This project is a series of three jewellery pieces forcing the person to adopt straight and elegant poses while wearing it, and each piece interacts with the body. The magnetized collar punishes the person violently attracting the earrings if she moves her bust too much, and the clavicle jewels simply fit in the collar bones’ hollows and make paying attention to stay straight and move carefully. The jewel claims itself as beneficial or malevolent intrusive object. The project is questioning jewellery’s role which identifies itself to the medical device and to the ornament as well whose goal is to glorify the whole of silhouette.”






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