Baldovin Nicolae "Baldo"

[Event] Waves With No Ends presents: Whispering Sons live in Romania, 2 acts.

Whispering Sons is a Belgian post-punk band currently residing in Brussels. Known for their catchy, melancholic sound, the project has succeeded to stick in our minds pretty well. We can talk about songs that can easily be categorized as goth, post-punk hits, such as “Alone“, that tears me apart every […]

Nightstalker (GR) live in Romania

Nightstalker‘s name should be known by many, especially when we’re referring to a band formed somewhere in the ’80-’90s and had a serious impact on stoner music. But I don’t know if it’s such and this makes me quite sad. Formed in Greece by singer (and at the time drummer) […]

KamerArt Experience 2019

Te gândești uneori că mizeria asta de facebook ce-ți mănâncă timpul, îți mănâncă, nu știu, ciorba din farfurie, nu aduce absolut nimic bun în ceea ce privește experiența și cunoașterea ta. Mă, nu știu ce să zic, ideea e că atâta vreme cât nu pui botu’ la toate prostiile și […]

INEZ – “Now”: A Sensual Poetry that Will Last in Time

INEZ (Ines Brodbeck) presents a new material called “Now” and it seems, at a first audition, that it’s full of a certain poetry shrouded in folk guitars, but “Prophet” somehow overcome the boundaries and you’ll eventually find yourself dusted with dark pop. This Hispanic air comes and puts something unique, […]