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A Lesson in Cool – 5 Vintage Photos of Rock Legends

Now, it might be a good safety measure to introduce the disclaimer that an abstract concept like “being cool” is subjective but, there are things we can look at that moves us without question. Pose and attitude are prime factors when it comes to sending across a message about who […]

Metallica as an Icon for 90’s Romanian Metal Heads

We’ve had a lot of things coming in all at once after the fall of Communism in ’89, from medical aid, clothes and food to pop-cultural trends from the West. Now, there is an entire history to unpack here and it’s definitely not the place to comment on the injustices […]

Bokassa – Crimson Riders (Album Review)

I noticed this band name written in small letters on the poster for Metallica’s Worldwired Tour in Bucharest so naturally,  I was curious of the opening act for one of Metal’s giants. Funnily enough, the answer came quickly with a simple Google search as Lars Ulrich himself had declared on […]

Lucifer and Storytelling – Ghost’s “Prequelle” (Review)

[:en]When the news of the lawsuit against Tobias Forge, the Ghost front man, hit the fans, it was highly speculated that it meant the end for one of the most interesting acts in metal in the last decade. The anonymity they had worked to keep and the mystery of what […]

Drab Majesty’s “The Demonstration” (Review)

In the info section on the Drab Majesty Facebook page, the description reads: “Drab Majesty is an inter-dimensional platform aimed at channeling aural and visual messages founded by a human being from Los Angeles in 2013. “ That’s a mouthful, isn’t it? The aforementioned “human being” goes by the name […]

NIИ’s “Not The Actual Events” (EP) – Review

[:en] Among the festivities and all the Christmas cheer that’s inevitably shoved down your throat year after year, Nine Inch Nails coming out with a new album and pissing all over your Greatest Christmas Carols compilation is the most wonderful of miracles. On December 16th, Trent Reznor announced the release […]

Siren Song: Jana Heidersdorf’s Art

[:en] What strikes you when you first stumble upon Jana Heidersdorf’s work is the warmth of her characters, which is probably a pretty conflicting feeling as you realize that what you are actually seeing are the twisted bodies of deep-sea creatures, mermaids that no sailor ever spoke about. Jana Heidersdorf […]

Perturbator’s “The Uncanny Valley” (Album Review)

[:en]“The Legend Says He’s Half Human, Half Synthesizer…” I remember when I first discovered Perturbator. I barely knew what the retrowave genre was all about when Humans Are Such Easy Prey hit me in the face like a jackhammer. I grinned at the title as my ears melted from the […]